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NatWest to Trial New Personal Finance App

Mimo will help customers budget, remind them of the financial tasks they need to do and provide proactive and personal insights into their money, looking at their bills or day-to-day spending, as well as insurance, subscriptions and utilities.

Chief Digital Officer for NatWest, Frans Woelders said: “We know that customers want to keep better track of their money, but find it hard to find the time or the motivation to manage the admin around that, so we’ve developed Mimo to make it easy, simple, and as straightforward as possible to keep on top of their finances.”

Research and customer feedback has shown that customers lack the time or motivation to manage their life admin, resulting in them forgetting important tasks such as paying their credit card bill, thus incurring unnecessary charges, or missing opportunities to save money.

Mimo has been designed to help make their financial life easier and uses contemporary technologies, including Open Banking APIs, AI and data analytics to help customers manage their money, and show them new insights about their finances.

Mimo Lead, Calvin O’Brien said: “Our aim for Mimo is that it will help customers have a better overview of their financial life and help them achieve their financial goals from the ease of their own phone. It’s important that the app reflects customers’ needs to be as useful as possible.

“We’ve already trialled Mimo with 50 colleagues, so I hope that by extending the trial our customers will tell us what they think of it, and where we can improve it.”

The latest version of the app is currently being trialled with a select number of customers and colleagues, who will provide feedback to help optimise Mimo before it’s rolled out further this year.

Source: RBS

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