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NatWest Encourages Young Adults to Dream Bigger with Free Online Session

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NatWest has announced the launch of free online education sessions for 16-18 year olds, designed to help inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, coinciding with research that predicts a growth in entrepreneurship in the UK throughout 2021.

The programme aims to encourage young people to develop awareness of entrepreneurship as a future career option, increase confidence and resilience, and prepare them for the future world of work.

The bank offers three one-hour modules conducted over Zoom, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week at 11.00am, with each session featuring students and teachers from a variety of different schools, as well as experts from each of the bank’s 12 UK accelerator hubs. Up to 500 students can register for each session, with every session supported by a variety of learning materials and follow up support.

The launch comes on the back of findings from a recent Board of Innovation report that predicts drastic growth in the number of entrepreneurs throughout the next 12-24 months, as growth in the job market stalls, and workers look to alternative options either as their main career choice, or as side hustles.

Alison Rose, CEO, NatWest said: “The ongoing pandemic has brought challenges to us all. The world of work is changing, and we want to support and encourage any young person choosing to start their own business; we know that entrepreneurs and small businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy.

“We have launched our Dream Bigger initiative, online and free of charge, because we want 16 to 18 year olds across the UK to consider entrepreneurship as a career option, or to take an entrepreneurial mindset into their career, inspiring a broader and more diverse demographic in the process.”

The launch of Dream Bigger builds on the bank’s wider Enterprise strategy to support entrepreneurship across the UK. NatWest has recently relaunched the vast majority of its support online in response to social distancing requirements as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The bank has supported 4,500 entrepreneurs through its Accelerator programme to date, and conducted 600 remote one-to-one coaching sessions via video conferencing.

Interested schools and pupils can register for the sessions by visiting the Dream Bigger registration page.

Source: RBS
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