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Motorcycle Oils, How To Get The Best One

Motorcycle Oils, How To Get The Best One

When you own a car or a motorcycle than you probably know that any internal combustion engine contains some amount of oil that it needs to function properly. Thus, an oil change must be carried out every season if you want your vehicle to work properly.

Choosing the best oil for a motorcycle, you have to pay your attention to many factors, such as its type, viscosity, your riding style, price, brand, etc. Thus, make sure to get acquainted with the text below that contains the most important info about how to choose proper oil for your motorcycle.

Motorcycle oil types


Mineral oil is a refined petroleum product with a low percentage of synthetic additives (usually no more than 20%). A high-quality mineral oil must be made from petroleum products of high quality and have a high degree of purification. Typically, this type of oil is recommended for dry clutch motorcycles and V engines. Besides, it’s also a great choice for new engines as a mineral oil will ensure decent protection for the first rides.


Semi-synthetic oils are mineral oils with a high proportion of synthetic components (30 – 50%). The synthetic components allow the oil to behave more stably during extreme temperature, effectively prevent deposits on the engine, reduces the stickiness of moving parts of your motorcycle during cold engine start, and prevents it from losing viscosity at high temperatures. The semi-synthetic oil can be recommended for most low-volume road bikes, as well as for older engines that have an increased level of oil waste. This type of oil is also a cheap solution and lasts longer than others.


A full-synthetic oil is an oil that consists of synthetic components at more than 40-50%. There is no fixed standard which means that, depending on the manufacturer, the proportion of synthetic and non- synthetic components may vary greatly. The price for such oil usually depends on the percentage of the mineral base and the synthesized components, as well as on the presence of expensive additives.

This type of oil may be considered as the best for high-performance motorcycles. In fact, it’s one of the most popular nowadays. Besides, some specialists suggest that a full-synthetic oil increases the motorcycle’s performance.

Motorcycle Oils

Riding style

It may be surprising, but the way you ride is also an important factor that directly influences the choice of motorcycle oil. This way, if you are an extreme rider, you probably need a synthetic motorcycle oil. It’s able to withstand higher temperatures and is more resistant to breakdown. If you are a calm driver, mineral oil is what you need.


It’s an obvious thing that cheap motor oil is not a good idea, even if it’s offered by a popular manufacturer with great authority. Cheap oil won’t help you save your money as you will have to spend them on your motorcycle repair lately. Buy oil that is offered in at least a middle price range.


Viscosity is an important criterion for those who want to increase engine productivity. The info about the viscosity is usually written in the manual. Plus, don’t forget that different times of the year require oil of different viscosity.

Other important tips

One of the important tips is to use a single brand and type of oil since several types of oil can enter into a specific reaction that can lead to damaging of the most important parts of your motorcycle.

In general, technical info about your motorcycle will help you choose the right oil. The corresponding section will contain all the recommendations that must be followed. Of course, you can use alternative options, but, in this case, the risk of failure will be significantly increased.

Also, many people sometimes use car oil for their motorcycles, but you must avoid doing that. It definitely doesn’t guarantee adequate performance when used for motorcycles and obviously endangers the safety of your vehicle.


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