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Most Sent Flag Emoji Is Revealed!

Most Sent Flag Emoji Is Revealed!

The flag emojis were introduced into the digital world back in 2017, EVERY single flag is on the emoji keyboard but Flagmakers find out what the most sent flag emojis are! 

Over 2 BILLION emojis have been sent via Twitter. Flagmakers created a poll on Twitter to the general public to see when people use flag emojis and we aren’t surprised with the results! 70% of people use flag emojis when they are posting holiday pictures. It doesn’t come to a surprise that the American flag emoji is the most sent as they are the most patriotic country in the world when it comes to national holidays and even elections! Flagmakers have analysed a real time emoji tracker which shows the amount of times emojis have been used on Twitter.

*The data is collated from Twitter which shows the amount of emojis sent. Data source:

Most Sent Flag Emoji Is Revealed!

An extended list below:

Rank Flag Emoji # of times sent
1    American flag    768,397
2    Turkish Flag    214,764
3    French Flag    181,817
4    Danish Flag    165,539
5    United Kingdom Flag    159,524
6    Italian Flag    156,689
7    Algerian Flag    128,009
8    Moroccan Flag    112,173
9    Spanish Flag    111,590
10    Mexican Flag    109,255
11    German Flag    104,496
12    Brazilian Flag    100,687
13    Canadian Flag    89,264
14    Swedish Flag    80,910
15    Portuguese flag    72,146
16    Puerto Rican Flag    72,045
17    Albanian Flag    63,212
18    Afghan Flag    60,013
19    Australian Flag    59,171
20    Russian Flag    57,473

Source: Flagmakers

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