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Moneyhub and Teradata Launch Financial AI for Personalized Customer Experiences

Financial AI
  • Moneyhub and Teradata partnered to launch Financial AI to create more opportunities for financial institutions to better serve customers.
  • This partnership will allow for a holistic view of the customer and the creation of personalized financial products and services.

Moneyhub is the leading payment and data platform, today announced its collaboration with Teradata The global analysis and data trusted platform to start launching Financial AI, with the goal to create more possibilities for businesses that serve consumers across the UK as well as EMEA.

Moneyhub’s FCA-licensed Open Data platform enables companies to rapidly and effortlessly transform their data into personalized digital experiences, and to initiate payment. The APIs it provides and the fully customizable platform offer data aggregation, data insights, notification nudges and payment system. In the end, customers can access the data that is consent-driven and insights needed to design personalized offers, products and even services.

Teradata’s Vantage platform allows its customers across various industries such as retail, financial services and health care to collect and then manage their information to address the most pressing issues they face and the needs of their clients. In conjunction together with the Moneyhub Open Data technology, customers’ data is able to be analyzed and refined to provide an overall picture of the customer.

With the help of this partnership and financial AI , enterprises will have the opportunity to benefit from the wide range of options provided by both tech companies and financial AI, as well as the chance to design truly customized solutions and services to customers around the globe.

Vaughan Jenkins, Managing Directors of Partnerships at Moneyhub comments: “This partnership delivers the most straightforward route for financial institutions and other consumer-facing organisations to help their customers find the best value for their money. By integrating our technologies, Teradata and Moneyhub can offer a holistic, and consent-driven view for firms on their customers and the products and services they may require to achieve their goals. We’re thrilled to be partnering with another forward-thinking company like Teradata and are looking forward to seeing the benefits for both our clients and the end-customer.”

Colin Crichton, UK AVP Banking and Insurance at Teradata comments: “Teradata is at the heart of most of the largest banks in the UK, providing the trusted data and analytics platform for customer understanding and regulatory compliance. The partnership with Moneyhub and financial AI will help our customers develop the improved customer experience, agility and additional revenue streams that come from the adoption of Open Banking.”

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