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Modular Construction: Could it be the Solution for Your Next House or Office?

Modular Construction

Modular Construction: Could it be the Solution for Your Next House or Office?

The modular homes and offices market has been growing in the UK, and around the world, for many years now. They are a solution to a large quantity of problems the construction world and society in general are facing, including a need for a more ecological world, which modular construction can help to achieve. Could your next house or office be a modular one?

What are Modular Constructions?

A modular construction is a pre-fabricated home, office or shelter that can be shipped in pieces to be assembled at any location site desired. Since it is built in sections or modules, it can be easily transported and rapidly put together in a matter of a few days for an office, as an example. Today these types of constructions can come fully equipped with air conditioning and ready to be connected to water and electricity as well.

What are their Benefits?

The speed in which a modular construction can be built is quite faster than a regular one. You do not have to deal with the constraints of weather and other elements that can slow the progress, which can be the case when you are building directly on the field. Everything is being prepared inside the factory and then shipped out, so there are no delays to be encountered.

Since the various parts of the construction are being produced inside a factory, the level of quality control is always really high. All managers and directors can go to the production floor to check on the progress and the quality of the work produced by the employees, which in the end guarantees a high-quality result, with no unforeseen default in the making of the house, office or shelter.

It has been proven that thermal performance of modular buildings is better than traditional masonry buildings. It provides a greater energy efficiency which is reflected in the energy bill you have to pay. It also helps the environment since it reduces the carbon footprint thanks to reduced construction times, amount of deliveries of material and also in waste of materials.

A Greater Demand

It is clear that the demand for modular construction keeps on rising. Just last month, they announced the construction of 173 new pre-built houses in Bristol. These new homes will arrive in kits and will be assembled on site. The local authorities opted for such a solution so that it could provide affordable social housing to its citizens. There is little doubt that the housing industry will move more and more towards modular construction.

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