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Mastering Emotional Intelligence: Three Exercises to Transform Your Work and Life

Emotional Intelligence
  • Improve self-awareness, self-regulation, and positive connections with simple exercises like mindful reflection, breathing techniques, and uplifting interactions.
  • Boost emotional intelligence to enhance relationships, job performance, and overall well-being.

Did you react in response to a workplace situation with a response that you regret later? Perhaps you wrote an email with a flash of anger, and you wish that you could revert it. Whatever our success or how proficient we might be, controlling our emotions isn’t easy and the repercussions are often significant.

The notion of “leaving your emotions at the door” at the office is an old-fashioned belief. But emotions aren’t shoes that you simply take off. In reality, it’s our people who we cherish most – our loved ones as well as significant colleagues who bear the burden of our reluctance to deal with emotional turmoil.

Studies have shown that emotions causing negative feelings can not only affect the relationships we have with others, but also affect the ability of us to perform our highest. Stress, anger or anger, as well as fear could impact our attention and focus to detail, memory, physical well-being, mental health and even our decision-making. This is the place where emotional intelligence (EI) plays a role.

Three of the key components of EI include self-awareness, regulation and positive relationships.
Below are three ways to improve your EI

1 .Connect to Your Self-Awareness within two minutes

If you’ve acted with a person in a manner you’re later disappointed in the outcome, usually due to the fact that you didn’t have self-awareness. Self-awareness means the ability to recognize what’s going on in your head, knowing whether you’re tired or angry, and not reacting in a rash manner whenever someone presses you. Being aware of yourself can help avoid relationship problems.


  • Relax and shut your eyes. Bring your attention inward.
  • Be aware of the health and condition that your body is in. Are you feeling tired or energetic? Check your body for tension or relax.
  • Note down your ideas. Consider your thoughts as if you were driving. Are you driving in heavy traffic or smooth?
  • Be aware of your emotions. Are they pleasant or ugly? Are they a bit sour or calm?

A quick check-up will help you determine whether you’re in a good condition to tackle your next job. For example, if you’re in the middle of an event and notice that you’re feeling anxious and stressed, it’s possible to change the date or make changes to your mental state prior to.

2. You can self-regulate by breathing.

Studies conducted by Yale University and other studies demonstrate breathing exercises are among the most efficient methods to manage emotions at the moment. Breathing can swiftly move you from an intense emotional state to a calm one.


  • Inhale more deeply and then exhale faster. Inhale for a count of four, then exhale in a count of eight at most for two minutes.
  • Shut your eyes and focus on the breath. It activates your parasympathetic nervous system to help the body to rest and digest, as well as countering the body’s fight-or-flight reaction.

This is done prior to a difficult situation will help you calm to a point quickly and allow you to manage the situation more efficiently.

3. Make Connections through Micro-Moments of upliftment

A few people can leave you feeling tired, while others make you feel energized. What makes them different is how they bring instances of happiness. The “positive people” recognize the significance of having positive and encouraging interaction.


  • Take small actions to encourage other people. Give them a hug or a smile, heartfelt word, or an expression of joy.
  • Be genuine. Being authentic is the key. Utilize humility, empathy, honesty, compassion and forgiveness.

Through creating positive micro-moments you’ll make people feel better but also you’ll be happier too.

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