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MAN TGE: Excellent Basis for Motorhomes

  • TGE Camper Van base vehicle with MAN Individual package on the exhibition stand
  • New feature ex works: MAN Camper high roof
  • New with MAN Individual: 4-channel air suspension and increased engine output with up to 202 hp
  • Three vehicle exhibits in Hall 16, Stand D17: TGE Camper Van base vehicle, KNAUS BOXDRIVE and Affinity M Duo

For MAN Truck & Bus, the camping segment is an important pillar within its van business. This is underlined by the Munich commercial vehicle manufacturer’s renewed participation in the Caravan Salon trade fair (Düsseldorf, 26 August to 9 September 2023). In addition to the long-established cooperations with Knaus Tabbert (KNAUS BOXDRIVE model) and Westfalia (Sven Hedin model), many other motorhome manufacturers have become aware of the strengths of the MAN TGE as a base vehicle. Affinity (Affinity M Duo model), Balcamp (Balcamp 610 model), Bravia mobil (Bravia Swan 680 model), MegaMobil (Mega MAN 600 model), Rocket Camper (Rocket Mountain model), among others, have now included the TGE in their range. At stand D17 in Hall 16, MAN Truck & Bus will be presenting three vehicles, among others: a KNAUS BOXDRIVE, an Affinity M Duo and a MAN TGE base vehicle Camper Van with MAN Individual package.

“We have gained a foothold in the caravanning industry and are pleased about the lively demand from motorhome manufacturers and their customers. The very high product quality of the TGE with excellent handling at passenger car level and a comprehensive selection of assistance and safety systems are among the strengths of the MAN TGE. Added to this is the customer-oriented MAN service with 24/7 breakdown service and extended service hours at many locations. In Germany we have even extended our service to the complete motorhome for selected models at almost 50 locations,” says Thomas Herzog, Head of International Key Account Management Van at MAN.

Premiere: MAN TGE with camper high roof

The Camper high roof, which can be ordered ex works, will be on show for the first time at the trade fair stand, allowing standing heights of over two metres in extended motorhomes. Other Camper highlights on the MAN TGE base vehicle Camper Van are the Individual Lion S package and the two additionally available options of sidebars and painted add-on parts. (front and rear bumpers, side marker strips). The Lion S design package includes exterior mirror caps with MAN lions, stainless steel trim on the bumper, roof edge spoiler, red colour accents and ambient lighting in the vehicle cabin. The exclusive interior and exterior design can be ordered directly ex works in the single-bill business via the in-house finishing shop MAN Individual.

The MAN TGE Camper Van base vehicle is also equipped with an automatic step on the right sliding door with integrated obstacle detection (Autostop) as well as a body widening in the rear area (sleeping jaws), which increase the space available and sleeping comfort with beds installed transversely.


4-channel air suspension, underride protection and more power

A major trade fair highlight, which was installed on the MAN TGE base vehicle Camper Van, is the 4-channel air suspension. Especially for motorhomes, it offers an auto-level function for levelling when stationary as well as manual height adjustment, e.g. for emptying the water tanks. With three different driving modes (Onroad, Offroad and Offroad+), the driver can react to different road requirements. The 4-channel air suspension thus improves ride comfort and can help compensate for unfavourable loading conditions. Another extra from MAN Individual is also of interest to those who frequently travel off paved roads: The underride guard. This consists of a 5 mm thick aluminium sheet, which has integrated air inlets and water drainage openings. It protects the engine, transmission. Fuel tank, AdBlue tank and differential (4×4).

From MAN Individual, the MAN in-house tuner, there will soon also be an increase in engine power in the TGE. Targeted power release with maximum engine protection will increase the output to up to 202 hp. This will also increase the torque.

MAN already has an extensive product portfolio for partially integrated camping vehicles. Worth mentioning here are the wide-track axle and the flat frame. MAN thus offers manufacturers of caravan vehicles every design option. In conjunction with additional factory-fitted equipment details such as the omission of a partition wall, swivelling seats for driver and co-driver, special seat fabrics for campers and a 2nd battery, the TGE represents an ideal basis for premium motorhomes.

Popular with campers: MAN TGE with 4×4 drive

Often requested by motorhome owners is the availability of all-wheel drive. Here the TGE offers two variants. For front-wheel drive vehicles, there is the Smart all-wheel drive. Here, the drive forces are optimally distributed between the front and rear axles fully automatically in milliseconds by means of a multi-plate clutch. Thanks to the selective engagement of the smart, integrated all-wheel drive solution, the MAN TGE is as fuel-efficient on the road in good road conditions as with front-wheel drive. The TGE 4×4 with a gross weight of 3.5t (optionally up to 4.0t) is available ex works with this solution. The vehicle can be ordered in 103 KW and 130 KW engine versions and comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

There is also the MAN TGE 4×4, which is based on the rear-wheel drive vehicle. Here, MAN Individual installs an extended off-road system from the Oberaigner company. The result is a permanent all-wheel drive with a torque distribution of 42 to 58% (front/rear). The permanent all-wheel-drive TGE can be ordered ex works with a gross weight of 5.0 t to 5.5 t with this solution. Here, the customer can choose the 120 kW variant with 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission.

General information Country-specific availability may vary.

The vehicles and products displayed on this website may differ in terms of shape, design, colour and scope of supply. Some of the images may include special equipment, accessories and decorative elements which are subject to an additional charge. The technical features and equipment of the vehicles described are merely examples and may differ, in particular on a country-specific basis. Products and services shown may not be available in all countries. We reserve the right to make changes at any time.

The air-conditioning systems in our vehicles contain fluorinated greenhouse gases (R134a / GWP 1,430 with up to 1.15 kg equivalent to 1.6445 t CO2). In MAN TGE vehicle classes N1, M1, N2 and M2, refrigerant of the type R1234yf is used. The GWP value of the refrigerant used is 4 (refrigerant type R1234yf). In case of one refrigerant compressor, filling quantities vary between 540 and 570 grams. In case of two refrigerant compressors they vary between 785 and 815 grams.

With the MAN eTGE, refrigerant R134a is used. The GWP value of the refrigerant used is 1.430 (refrigerant type R134a). The fill levels depend on the refrigerant compressor and vary between 560 and 590 grams.

We, MAN Truck & Bus SE, are aware of our product responsibility for the packaging we put on the market and implement the specifications of the Packaging Act (VerpackG) responsibly. You can return the packaging that we have placed on the market in Germany that is not subject to system participation free of charge.

Additional information to MAN TGE

Our MAN TGE vehicles are equipped with summer tyres as standard. Please check the national regulations regarding any mandatory winter tyres. Your MAN partner will be happy to advise you.

The specified fuel consumption and emission data has been determined according to the measurement procedures specified by law. As from 1st September 2017, some new vehicles are already being type-approved according to the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP), a more realistic test procedure for measuring fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Since 1st September 2018, WLTP has also replaced the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) for light commercial vehicles. In cases where the fuel consumption and emission values are specified as value ranges, these do not refer to a particular individual vehicle and do not constitute part of the sales offering. They are solely used for comparison purposes between the different vehicle types.

Additional equipment and accessories (add-on parts, different tyre formats, etc.) may change relevant vehicle parameters, such as weight, rolling resistance and aerodynamics. In conjunction with weather and traffic conditions and driving style, they may also affect fuel and power consumption, CO2 emissions and the performance figures for the vehicle.

Efficiency classes rate vehicles for passenger transport with an M1 passenger vehicle registration according to the CO2 emissions under consideration of the vehicle dead weight. Vehicles which conform to the average are classified as D. Vehicles which are above the current average are classified as A+, A, B or C. Vehicles which are below average are classified as E, F or G.

Additional information regarding the official fuel consumption and the official specific CO2 emissions of new vehicles for passenger transport with an M1 passenger vehicle registration can be found in the “Guide on the fuel economy, CO2 emissions, and power consumptions of all new passenger car models”. This guideline is available free of charge at all sales points and from the DAT Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH, Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen, Germany ( ).

Source: MAN Truck & Bus

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