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MAN OptiView Mirror Replacement System now also Available for City Buses

  • MAN OptiView 2018 presented at IAA
  • Since then, the mirror replacement system has itself in daily use
  • OptiView enjoys great popularity with customers
  • To make city traffic even safer, MAN Truck & Bus now offers a digital system for city buses as well
  • Technology makes blind spots visible to drivers and thus ensures greater safety in road traffic

MAN OptiView celebrated its premiere at the IAA in 2018 as the world’s first mirror replacement system for coaches. Since then, it has proven itself in daily use all over the world. More and more drivers can rely on innovative technology. “MAN OptiView is extremely reliable and significantly increases safety in road traffic. The mirror replacement system is correspondingly popular with our customers,” says Rudi Kuchta, Head Business Unit Bus at MAN Truck & Bus, adding, “In order to make roads in cities even safer and due to many requests from operators, the system is now also available for all models of the new generation of city buses – including, of course, the all-electric MAN Lion’s City E.”

Everything in view with the OptiView mirror replacement system

The mirror replacement system scores particularly well in dense urban traffic. “If buses and pedestrians or cyclists meet in the vicinity of an intersection, dangerous situations can arise because the driver has difficulty seeing them in the blind spot despite good mirror technology. And this is precisely where our mirror replacement system comes in: it makes the blind spot visible to the bus driver and thus ensures greater safety on the road, especially when turning, but also when changing lanes and maneuvering,” explains Heinz Kiess, Head of Product Marketing Bus. How does this work? The digital system uses two cameras on each side of the vehicle to project the side and rear areas of the bus in high-resolution and in real-time onto two monitors inside the vehicle. In doing so, they can display a larger area than is the case with conventional exterior mirrors. In this way, the driver can see the blind spot. OptiView thus significantly reduces the risk of overlooking other road users.

“At the same time, we are constantly working to further develop the system,” says Kiess, adding, “We are the only manufacturer on the market to now offer a front view mirror as standard for our coaches. This eliminates the blind spot even further and is particularly helpful when maneuvering.” On the NEOPLAN Cityliner and Skyliner, a mirror is fitted inside next to the right-hand monitor, while on the NEOPLAN Tourliner and MAN Lion’s Coach an exterior mirror is installed on the A-pillar.

MAN OptiView also brings other advantages: the driver benefits from better visibility in rain, snow, and also at night, as the camera automatically adapts the image material to the situation. Even glare effects, for example from headlights in the dark or the low sun, do not impair visibility. The cameras are weather-resistant, have a heating function for winter, and are also particularly durable.

Aerodynamic improvement thanks to OptiView

But the system is also impressive in terms of economy. This is because buses with OptiView have around ten percent less aerodynamic drag than vehicles with conventional mirror systems. Thanks to the improved aerodynamics, operators can save on fuel consumption. “With MAN OptiView, we offer a sophisticated system that significantly increases the safety and efficiency of our buses. Nevertheless, we are constantly working on making it even better,” Kiess sums up.

Source: MAN

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