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MailPrism LLC Unveils $7/Month Unified Messaging Solution

MailPrism LLC has unveiled a powerful new unified messaging solution that allows businesses and individuals to use their existing email accounts to send and receive messages via FAX, SMS, voice, postcards, and letters. Using the customer’s existing email software offers several advantages over traditional unified messaging solutions: a significantly lower price tag, almost no learning curve or process changes, and no new software to learn or install.

According to MailPrism’s President, Marc Orenberg, “The $7-per-month price tag and the ease of adoption of MailPrism create a whole new market in unified messaging: individuals and businesses who could benefit from the increased organization and productivity, but who were previously unwilling to commit the necessary financial and/or labor resources.”

With MailPrismSM, there’s practically no learning curve; all messages are sent from the user’s existing email client, as if they were emails. For example, to send a FAX to 617-555-1234, one would compose an email to [email protected], enter some text into the body, add any attachments, and press send. SMS, voice messages, postcards, and letters are sent in a similar fashion.

MailPrismSM provides each user with a dedicated inbound phone number where FAXes, SMS and voice messages are received and forwarded to the user’s email. As a result, inbound and outbound messages are all stored in one easy place – the email client – where they can be searched and organized along with the user’s emails.

For more information about MailPrismSM including terms of service and conditions, please visit the website at or call  (855) 444-4155.

About MailPrism LLC
MailPrism LLC offers a powerful but low-cost and easy-to-adopt unified messaging system to business and individuals. MailPrismSMuses your existing email account as a unified inbox where you can easily send and receive FAXes, voice messages, SMS, letters and postcards. Empower your email with MailPrismSM.

Media Contact:
Sandra Young
(954) 805-0408

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