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Paris’ Louvre Museum to Increase Ticket Prices by 29% 

Paris' Louvre Museum to Increase Ticket Prices by 29% 
Tourists walk past the glass Pyramid of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France |Paris' Louvre Museum to Increase Ticket Prices by 29% 


  • Louvre Museum in Paris to increase basic entrance fee by 29% .
  • First price hike since 2017, raising the fee from 17 euros to 22 euros ($23.70).
  • Concerns arise about the impact on visitors, especially those attending the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.
  • Louvre cites higher energy costs as a contributing factor and aims to fund free entry for specific groups, including individuals under 18, teachers, and journalists.
  • Increase aligns with a broader trend of rising costs in Paris as the city prepares to host the Olympics.
  • Paris metro ticket prices expected to nearly double during the Olympic Games, adding to challenges for visitors.
  • Report indicates hotel prices in Paris predicted to surge by over 300% between the 2023 and 2024 summer seasons.
  • The Louvre’s decision highlights broader implications for tourism, raising questions about accessibility and affordability during major events.

Recently, the iconic Louvre Art Museum in Paris announced a 29% hike to its basic entrance fee, effective January 2020. Boasting iconic works like Mona Lisa, this adjustment marks its first change since 2017 and raises it from 17 euros ($23.70). Concerns were expressed regarding its potential effect on visitors – particularly those attending the 2024 Olympic Games taking place there.

The Louvre has explained its decision by citing rising energy costs as one factor and free entry for certain groups, such as individuals under 18, teachers and journalists. While they did not explicitly reference hosting of the Olympics in their statement, this increase chimes with Paris’ trend of rising costs as it gears up to host them.

At the same time as the Louvre’s decision, Paris metro ticket prices are expected to more than double for visitors during the Olympic Games starting July 26th of next year. This development adds further challenges for visitors already facing rising hotel rates and restrictions on tourist apartment rentals – according to reports from Paris tourism office hotel prices are predicted to surge by 300% between summer seasons 2023-2024!

As the Louvre adjusts to financial pressures and Paris prepares for the Olympics, increased expenses raise questions about accessibility and affordability when visiting cultural treasures during major events like major sporting competitions or other major cultural events. Louvre’s decision to revise ticket prices sheds light on their wider implication for tourism across Paris.

One euro = $0.9295 USD

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