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Los Angeles, CA based clothing brand Akiva Stripe creates modern, Israel-inspired street- wear

Akiva Stripe is street-wear inspired by Jewish identity in the 21st century. “Our team began designing everything from scratch, taking concepts from all aspects of Jewish identity, and culture. The designs are modern, and edgy, drawing inspiration from Parisian street-style, and British rock and roll fashion, says brand founder Cameron Alpert.”

Akiva, in Hebrew, means protector. Stripe, is a marking. Together, they form the name, and concept of the brand. Akiva Stripe is a protection stripe, which harkens back to the Exodus; when Hebrews would mark the frames of their doors in blood as protection from the plagues.

“Akiva Stripe began as a way to create something for the community that didn’t previously exist…and something that I really wanted to wear. It’s a way to be culturally aware in a fashionable, and casual way. The shirts and accessories can be worn with the best designer pieces out there. I imagine a Brooklynite rocking one of the shirts openly with a distressed leather biker jacket, and beat up pair of boots, says Alpert”

When researching materials, and fits, we refused to make a single compromise. Akiva Stripe uses biodegradable, water-based inks; and our obsession with the perfect fit, and highest-quality materials led to us crafting a t-shirt which is culturally aware, aesthetically striking, and achieved using the highest levels of artisan craftsmanship in Los Angeles, California.

Akiva Stripe’s initial street-wear collection is comprised of: t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, beanies, and snapback hats. The shirts are perfect to rock on their own, or layered for cooler climates.

Please check out the entire collection at:

Jacob Cohen
Akiva Stripe

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