List of Microfinance Institutions in Uganda

This is a partial list of Microfinance Institutions within the territory of Uganda. If you have any suggestions/additions/changes please email us at

Please note that we appreciate that users do not post anonymously. Global Brands Magazine does not subscribe to the authenticity of the data below though efforts have been made to collect the data as accurately as possible. Please use the data as only a source of reference.

  1. FINCA Uganda Limited
  2. Pride Microfinance Limited
  3. Uganda Finance Trust Limited
  4. UGAFODE Micro Finance Limited
  5.  ASA Microfinance (Uganda) Limited
  6. Acfode, Kampala
  7. Acord, Kampala
  8. Action On Disability
  9. Adjumani Youth Association
  10. Kasaala Savings & Credit Society Ltd.
  11. All Nations, Lira
  12. Bale Community Based Organisation
  13. Bakebezi Growers Cooperative
  14. Bamunanika Cooperative Society
  15. Bigaijuka Cooperative Society
  16. BRAC Uganda
  17. Buddo Growers Cooperative
  18. Bufumbira Island Development Association
  19. Bukedea Women’s Strugglers Association
  20. Buruto, Fort Portal
  21. Busiro South Development Association
  22. Buso Foundation, Kampala
  23. Busoga Development Agency
  24. BUMU Central Cooperative
  25. Buwekula Women’s Development Association
  26. Catholic Relief Services
  27. Christian Charity Center
  28. Demobilised Women Civil Servants
  29. Ecumenical Church Loan Fund
  30. Feed The Children Uganda
  31. Foundation For Credit
  32. FOCCAS, Mbale
  33. Frontpage Microfinance
  34. Goli Church of Uganda Microfinance
  35. HOFOKAM (Hoima Fort Portal Kasese Catholic Diocese Microfinance)
  36. Hoima-Kibaale Integrated Development
  37. Hoima Rural Development Organisation
  38. Ibanda Small Scale Industries Association
  39. INFOCIN Uganda Ltd.
  40. Kabale Networking Organisation (KABNETO)
  41. Kabwangasi Cooperative Society
  42. Kameke Growers Cooperative
  43. Kampala Social & Economic Development
  44. Kasodo Growers Cooperative
  45. Kassada Development Association
  46. Kidea Enterprises Limited
  47. Kigezi Diocese Rugarama
  48. Kiwafu Cooperative Society Ltd.
  49. Kole Development Apac
  50. Kolping Mityana Women’s Project
  51. Kyotomanya Savings Society Ltd.
  52. Kutesa Development Task-force
  53. LIDDA Lira
  54. Lubaga Development Agency
  55. Mednet World Vision
  56. Micro Credit Development Trust
  57. Micro Projects Programme
  58. Mityana Livestock Cooperative
  59. Morukokume Growers Cooperative
  60. Mpigi Women Development Trust
  61. Muhabura Diocese Cooperative
  62. Naddangira Cooperative Society
  63. Naggalama Growers Cooperative
  64. Namirali Cooperative Society
  65. NAWOU, Kampala
  66. Nebbi Community Cooperative
  67. Opwateta Growers Cooperative
  68. OCBO, Kyotera
  69. Orungo Development Society, Soroti
  70. PACT, Masindi
  71. Pearl Microfinance Ltd
  72. Ringa Finance Ltd
  73. Rub Systems Uganda
  74. Rukungiri Development Association
  75. RUMECS, Iganga
  76. Save Mothers & Children Association
  77. SETCA Womens Link, Jinja
  78. Soroti Diocese Development Organisation
  79. St. Mulumba Friendly Society, Jinja
  80. SOMED, Masindi
  81. Tallent Calls Club
  82. Teso Islamic Development Association
  83. Tororo Manufactured Association Credit
  84. Uganda Association for Social-Economic Progress
  85. UCSCU, Kawempe
  86. Uganda Foster Parents
  87. Uganda Kolping Society
  88. Uganda Small Scale Industries
  89. Uganda War Widows Foundation
  90. Uganda Womens Finance Trust
  91. Uganda Womens Foundation Fund
  92. URDT, Kampala
  93. USSIA Wobulenzi, Luwero
  94. UWESO, Kampala
  95. VEDCO, Kampala
  96. Victoria Building Society
  97. Voluntary Action for Development
  98. ZOKUDA, Kaliro
  99. Poverty Alleviation & Development Association
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  1. Please add ASA International (Uganda) to your list. ASA International has been registered and operating in Uganda since last year.

  2. Mbayo Jackson Blan July 30, 2014 at 5:24 am - Reply

    i had dreams of having a bachelor of commerce but with no support to continue ahead, i stopped at a diploma level in b’ness with majors in accounting and finance. Can i apply and work with any microfinance institution?

  3. I want to start a micro finance under non-profit organisation,have been in talks with investors and they accepted 2 fund my business,is there any way you can help me to fill my funding forms?

  4. can I get work to do or volunteer am holding a Diploma in microfinance contact me on. +256752862919J

  5. I hold adiploma in finacial services and Business Computing from mubs. I would like to work with an mfi please contact me on 0751635635

  6. I want a financial training/volunteering without payment to gain knowledge on microfinance,I have a degree in economics please contact me on 0757628615,thanks

  7. please author, I would appreciate if you updated me on microfinance institutions found in the greater Bushenyi. I’m supposed to do a research about them. Thanks for your help

  8. Kiwanuka Nicholas July 5, 2016 at 9:39 am - Reply

    I would like and love to work(drive) in the microfinance support center. I hold a certificate of S4 & S6 and a diploma in Information Technology And Business.

  9. Kiwanuka Nicholas July 5, 2016 at 9:40 am - Reply

    I would like and love to work(drive) in the microfinance support center. I hold a certificate of S4 & S6 and a diploma in Information Technology And Business. Contact me 0758851706. Thnks

  10. David Kabagambe July 29, 2016 at 1:01 pm - Reply

    Dear Team,
    I registered my business as financial services from 2014 and am still in operations up to date.. Is there any problem not being on this list

  11. microfinances especially finca Uganda has enabled people to come out of poverty and develop their business in order to achieve a desired objective

  12. Kemigisha Clare July 4, 2017 at 4:18 pm - Reply

    lam having a ɗegree in microfinance from Ndejje University anɗ i would love to work with a microfinance institution in kampala please call me if you can offer me ajob. thx

  13. Please add SCODI Financial services Ltd. Fully registered and has been operational for the past three years.


  14. If an Institution in the Names of UNITED CHILDREN INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ACTION UGANDA (UNCIDA) LIMITED, Wants to operate as a microfinance institution can it be granted permission. Now it has been encooperated as a company limited by guarantee

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