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List of Commercial Banks in Switzerland

This is a partial list of Commercial Banks within the territory of Switzerland. If you have any suggestions/additions/changes please email us at

Please note that we appreciate that users do not post anonymously. Global Brands Magazine does not subscribe to the authenticity of the data below though efforts have been made to collect the data as accurately as possible. Please use the data as only a source of reference.

  1. Banque Nationale Suisse – Banca Nazionale Svizzera
  2. AIG Private Bank
  3. Amtsersparniskasse Thun
  4. Anker Bank
  5. BEKBnet/BCBE (Cyberbank of the Cantonal Bank of Berne)
  6. Banque SCS Alliance
  7. Banque Piguet & Cie S.A.
  8. Banque Edouard Constant
  9. Banque Diamantaire Anversoise
  10. Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV) (Lausanne)
  11. Bankredit – Banca di Credito e Commercio (Lugano)
  12. Bank von Ernst
  13. Bank Leu – Switzerland’s oldest bank.
  14. Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
  15. Bank Ehinger
  16. Banca dello Stato del Cantone Ticino
  17. Arab Bank Switzerland
  18. Hottinger & Cie
  19. Habib Bank AG Zürich
  20. Discount Bank Group (DBTC/DBSA)
  21. Credit Suisse
  22. Crédit Lyonnais Suisse
  23. Clariden Bank
  24. BSI – Banca della Svizzera Italiana
  25. St. Gallische Kantonalbank
  26. Skandia Bank (Switzerland) AG
  27. BNP – Banque Nationale de Paris (Suisse)
  28. Schwyzer Kantonalbank
  29. SBC Warburg Dillon Read (WDR)
  30. Royal Bank of Canada (Geneva)
  31. Raiffeisen Internet
  32. BHE – Bank für Handel & Effekten (Zürich)
  33. Pictet & Cie (Pictet Group)
  34. Migrosbank
  35. Maerki, Baumann & Co. AG, Privatbank
  36. Solothurner Bank SoBa
  37. Sparkassa Berneck
  38. Swiss Bank Corporation
  39. Thurgauer Kantonalbank
  40. Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS)
  41. Wegelin & Co. Privatbankiers
  42. Zuger Kantonalbank
  43. Zürcher Kantonalbank
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