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List of Banking Software

This is a partial list of Banking Softwares. If you have any suggestions/additions/changes please email us at

Please note that we appreciate that users do not post anonymously. Global Brands Magazine does not subscribe to the authenticity of the data below though efforts have been made to collect the data as accurately as possible. Please use the data as only a source of reference.

1 Abacus OneWorld, Focus SQL, M2
2 ABANKS (AB@NKS) core banking
3 Alnova Banking Solutions (Accenture) ‘A la Carte’; Alnova Jetbank, Altamira
4 Ambit EBS (Enterprise Banking Suite) core banking – Retail banking, Corporate banking (formerly System Access Symbols)
5 Avaloq Banking System
6 Bancology: AlphaBITS Conventional and Syariah
7 BankFusion Universal Banking, Equation, BankFusion Equation, Equation Islamic Banking, Midas Plus, BankFusion Midas (Bankmaster)
8 Capital- Retail, Shariah, Microfinance banking core
9 COBIS Core Banking | COBIS UBS (universal banking solution)
10 Core BankVision
11 Corebank, FIS Alltel Systematics, Sanchez Profile, Horizon ACBS (Advanced Commercial Banking System), Kordoba, ALLprofits, MiSER, BancPac, Metavante
12 Datapro eIBS (e-IBS) CORE
13 ETHIX total banking solution | ITS Core Banking Solution (Phoenix for ME), ITS Islamic Banking Solution
14 Finacle
15 FinnOne
16 Flextera J2EE core banking platform
17 Flextera J2EE core banking platform, Diasoft FA# Bank
18 Hogan, CSC/IBS, Celeriti, K3000
20 ICBS (International) | Signature by Fiserv, – Fiserv CBS (US); Basys/Metabank; Catapult; Premier; Acumen
22 iMAL
23 Intellect Suite – OrbiOne, BankWare; BankNow
24 Jack Henry Banking – SilverLake; CIF 20/20; Core Director for US market
26 Olympic
27 OMNIEnterprise
28 Oracle Banking Platform, Flexcube (formerly i-flex Solutions), Microbanker, Finware
29 PhoenixEFE
30 RFS core banking + HORIZON CRM, Loan Origination (LOS), DMS
31 Rubikon universal core banking system (Java platform – new 2008), Orbit microfinance retail banking, Equinox
32 SAB AT universal banking system (formerly SAB2i) and Samic private banking
33 SAP for Banking, Corebanking; SAP R/3
34 Silverlake  – SIBS, Silverlake Integrated Islamic Banking System (SIIBS)
35 Sopra Banking Suite integrated core banking solution < the result of merging Callataÿ & Wouters’ Thaler, and Delta-Bank, with Sopra’s own Evolan in 2012
36 SwiftCore core banking solution
37 T24; T24 for Microfinance and Community Banking (MCB) formerly eMerge; GLOBUS; TEMENOS CoreBanking (TCB)
38 TCBS/TCCUS: DNA platform | TCBS – The Complete Banking Solution, TotalPlus (outsourced) core banking, TCCUS – The Complete Credit Union Solution
39 TCS BaNCS Universal, Retail, Private, Wholesale core banking and treasury suite (xref. FNS b@ncs-24, TKS Quartz, Alpha Private)
40 TOPAZ Banking, TOPAZ Microfinance, TOPAZ Trace
41 TrustBank online core banking, TrustBankCBS, MicroFinS
42 Virmati,
43 Traderoot Technologies
44 Oracle FLEXCUBE – Core Banking Solution
45 Altamira
46 IBS
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