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Ledger and B2BinPay Launch Exclusive Co-Branded Hardware Wallets


B2BinPay, the industry-standard crypto payment solution, has joined forces with Ledger, the global platform for digital assets, to release an exclusive limited-edition Ledger Nano X. 

This co-branded device, featuring the B2BinPay logo, serves as a symbol of an innovative partnership that aims to provide top-notch crypto asset management solutions.


B2BinPay plans to offer this distinct Ledger Nano X to two categories of clients: enterprises and merchants who are recently onboarded and existing clients who’ve consistently supported B2BinPay. This initiative serves as a token of appreciation for their continuous loyalty and partnership.

B2BinPay will issue promotional coupons to customers that can be redeemed on a collaboration page on Ledger’s website. This process allows the customers to acquire their limited-edition devices with ease.


 To further highlight the special nature of these products, only 1000 units will be made available.

What’s Ledger?

Ledger, renowned for its multicurrency devices, offers an unmatched solution for preserving private cryptocurrency keys in a safe offline environment. Its solutions are notable for their high level of security against potential hackers, ease of asset management, and transparent transactions.

This partnership with Ledger enables B2BinPay to provide top-tier crypto storage solutions, enabling clients to administer their diversified portfolios securely.

More About B2BinPay 

B2BinPay facilitates businesses with safe and cost-effective methods for sending, receiving, and converting cryptocurrencies. It supports a broad spectrum of major cryptocurrencies, offering clients the convenience to hold their funds into their preferred format: fiat, coin, or stablecoin. 

Over the years, B2BinPay has continually evolved, integrating the latest features to provide its users an unparalleled experience. The recent collaboration with Ledger is a testament to B2BinPay’s commitment to maintaining its high standard of service. 

Customers can trust B2BinPay for its robust crypto asset management solutions, unrivaled customer support, top-tier security measures, and comprehensive feature set.

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