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Elevating Tax Solutions: KPMG’s ‘Digital Gateway for Tax’ Redefines Global Standards with Generative AI Integration

Digital Gateway for Tax
  • KPMG integrates generative AI into Digital Gateway for Tax, revolutionizing tax technology.
  • Platform offers transparent data enrichment, personalized virtual assistants, and tailored solutions for tax departments.
  • Advanced functionalities include personal document upload, AI-generated export, and specialized training programs.
  • Collaborative approach ensures continuous improvement, maintaining platform’s cutting-edge status in tax technology.

In a landmark move, KPMG has enhanced the capabilities of its Digital Gateway for Tax incorporating generative AI (genAI) as an independent component to communicate directly with data, enabling powerful insights and enhanced levels of efficiency. This pioneering Software as a Service (SaaS) is designed to provide an end-to-end solution for all members of the tax department and marks a significant milestone in tax technology, integrating generative AI for organizations embarking on their tax digital transformation journey.

The KPMG Digital Gateway for Tax platform’s real strength lies in its content and transparent data enrichment capabilities. The solution empowers clients to use the Digital Gateway as their Centralized Knowledge Hub, where users can access company-specific documents through the unified genAI platform. The RAG approach (Retrieval Augmented Generation) is relied upon to effortlessly enrich models with additional content which helps ensure the information used to generate answers is both current and accurate. The propriety KPMG solution provides an enhanced explainability feature that details how the AI generates responses, providing more transparency of the step-by-step actions undertaken by AI in the background, detailing the rationale behind the work delivered, integrating citations for increased trust in the process reflecting a paradigm shift in focus towards enhanced efficiency and transparency within innovation, solidifying KPMG’s position as a market leader in the industry.

“Digital Gateway for Tax is a tried and tested trusted platform where the AI component is now fully integrated and not an independent stand-alone function. Whereas many systems use the RAG approach we have moved beyond this revealing the thought process and step by step flow of what AI is undertaking in the background providing users with complete transparency and ultimately trust in the process.”

Brad Brown

Global Head of Tax Technology, KPMG International

The KPMG Digital Gateway Tax platform is equipped with an array of advanced functionalities and features designed to meet the complex needs of modern tax departments including:

  • Personal document upload capability: Empowers users with the flexibility to upload documents instantly for generative AI analysis, streamlining the tax documentation process.
  • Ai-generated export: Allows for the seamless export of AI-generated data directly to emails and PowerPoint slides, with an exclusive feature for premium users to employ branded templates.
  • Innovative virtual assistants: Offers both pre-configured and customizable virtual assistants for a range of tasks, from regulation exploration to personalized learning aids, showcasing the platform’s adaptability to various tax functions.
  • Customizable solutions for teams: Collaborate with KPMG to develop bespoke virtual assistants tailored to the unique requirements of your tax department, ensuring a tailored experience for every user.
  • Training and onboarding: KPMG’s specialized training programs helps users maximize the platform’s potential, fostering proficiency in leveraging AI for tax-related tasks.

The KPMG Digital Gateway for Tax is utilized both by KPMG professionals and clients, facilitating a continuous cycle of improvement and innovation. This collaborative approach allows users to benefit from KPMG’s substantial investments in AI technology, accessing a platform that remains at the cutting edge of tax technology solutions.

The KPMG proprietary tax technology provides clients with access to the full suite of KPMG tax and legal technologies via an integrated platform within a secure Microsoft environment, designed so no client data is compromised or leaves the secure parameters.

“KPMG Digital Gateway for Tax is not just a tool, but an evolution in tax technology. Our generative AI component is now fully integrated, offering a level of transparency and trust that I believe is industry leading! We are not just using AI, we are revealing its thought process, providing users with a better understanding of how it works. This is a significant step forward in tax digital transformation, and we are proud to be leading the way.”

David Rowlands

Global Head of Artificial Intelligence, KPMG International

Source: KPMG

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