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Gone are the days when GPS tracking was boring because all we had access to was a little red dot on a large paper map. Today, fleet managers can sit in their offices and have access to the real-time live feed of their trucks, making fleet tracking easier and more effective.

Despite the improvement in GPS fleet tracking software around the world, you may still be trying to decide if GPS fleet tracking is the right fit for your business.

In this post, we will take a quick look at what your business stands to gain if you employ the use of GPS fleet tracking systems.


The answer to this question is your decision to make. However, we will help highlight the benefits that your business stands to gain if you implement a GPS fleet tracking system for your business. Besides the fact that you get a real-time, live feed of your trucks. A GPS fleet tracking system also helps in minimizing costs and improving compliance.


Here are a few ways GPS fleet tracking can benefit your business:

  • FUEL COSTS REDUCTION: You probably will not spend more money on anything else than your fuel costs. This one of the most important reasons you should invest in GPS fleet tracking. While GPS tracking cannot reduce the quantity of fuel that your fleet consumes, it does a great job of controlling how it is consumed. According to studies, one of the major sources of high fuel consumption is “idling”. Click this link to find more information about Eyeride products.

 A truck may consume between a fifth of a gallon of fuel to a full gallon of fuel in just one-hour of idling. When you add that up across all the vehicles in your fleet, you will discover how much fuel is being wasted by idling. Another fuel wasting habit is aggressive driving. GPS fleet tracking helps reduce high fuel costs by alerting drivers to turn off their engines during idle times. Some GPS fleet tracking software also notifies you when your driver is driving aggressively.

  • LIABILITY AND RISK REDUCTION: Since a good GPS fleet tracking software solution helps notify you of aggressive driving, it also forces truck drivers to drive safely, knowing well that the management is watching them. This will reduce accidents and the costs that come with repairing your truck and treating your driver afterward. You can input a reminder on the consequences of not following the safety policies of your business in a good GPS fleet tracking system as a reminder to your drivers.
  • ENHANCING THE ACCOUNTABILITY OF DRIVERS: Your drivers will behave well when they know that they are being watched by the management of your company. Secondly, the feed from the GPS tracking device you install in your trucks will help you determine if a driver needs additional training or a driver that has a habit of defying your company’s safety policies.


The benefits of GPS fleet tracking to a business are enormous. We cannot over emphasize the importance of GPS fleet tracking to your business.

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