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Investment Banker – Job Performa

In the modern context everyone would agree that the world of banking has changed million folds. Well it’s just not limited to cash, money, barter, or currency related transactions. It’s just become a kind of secondary functions though they still act as the strong foundation for which the banks function. However over the period all banks are performing wide variety of expert functions like investments in share market, loans, securities in form of bonds, debentures, enhancing knowledge from professional financial advice related to choosing mutual funds, insurance, acting on behalf of investors as a financial advisors which are just a few. Amongst these works, banks are also inclined to perform key role that of appointing an investment banker who acts on behalf of banks for:

  • Enhancing trade (both domestic as well as International), accumulate investments, build amicable relationship between traders and investors, last but not the least assure general investors and public about safety of invested property or money.
  • Investment bankers consider three core areas into concern which are safety, capital involved and avoid any loss or depreciation in the value of amount invested. This mainly revolves around involvement of making transactions based on cash or securities which also include underwriters like Bank, insuring firms etc to assess, monitor the funds in the form of debentures, equity, insurance, mortgage or credit receiving ability of any buyer or customer.
  • Investment bankers also act as intermediaries between corporations and investors, are present on the advisory, planning, development, strategizing forums for corporations and companies related with key role making in matter like mergers, acquisitions, lockouts, financial and investment crisis etc.
  • A highly successful yet a very competitive, fast paced, dynamic and pressure backed field like investment banking job requires not only great educated people but also should be packed up with robust quantitative talents combined with outstanding sales skills, highly self motivated, self confident as well as who can donate more time on work and those who love travelling.
  • Investment bankers also have strong analytical, problem solving, emotional as well as intelligent quotient, consulting and blend of other skills required for advising huge clientele database, preparing spreadsheets and making reports on merger, acquisitions, trade, various international trade treaties between countries, keeping track on loss and profits accumulated over period of time and not to forget market conditions prevailing so that to oversee venturing into a trade practice. Investment bankers are like a life saving Doctor or an architect designing better infrastructures as they help investors in selling, auctioning and other activities pertaining to IPO’s at a better off deal for maximizing rate of return or stabilizing profit thus mitigating risk associated with high interest rates.

However having discussed and analysed key works of Investment bankers, one may really be curious to know the after effects viz the payout or salaried structure of these people, or career associated with such tedious job. Isn’t it? Well the positive news is that if the pressure is there, unlike other lucrative jobs of same kind, people in this sector are highly compensated through being given high position as well as salary which includes power packed incentives at beginning of their career itself.

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