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Nothing Unveils Next-Gen Earbuds: Introducing the Nothing Ear and Ear (a)

  • Nothing announces updates to its earbud line, including the Nothing Ear (a) and the Nothing Ear, integrating ChatGPT for AI assistance.
  • The new earbuds feature improved sound, enhanced battery life, and adaptive noise-canceling, with the Ear (a) highlighting a vibrant yellow color option.

Nothing recently announced two upgrades to its earbud lineup, known collectively as Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a). Both updates represent updates for existing models – in this instance the Nothing Ear (2) replaces its predecessor while Nothing Ear (a) acts more as spiritual successor to Nothing Ear Stick.

Notable this time around was Nothing’s adoption of ChatGPT technology into their latest headphones. While other AI smartphones such as Humane’s Ai Pin and Rabbit R1 vie for attention, Nothing appears to have done something unexpected by including ChatGPT into its products without waiting.

More specifically, with ChatGPT installed on an connected Nothing handset and headphones connected via bluetooth connectivity, users will be able to interact with OpenAI directly by asking it questions using just pinches of their stem earbud. Think Siri/Google Assistant/Alexa but with direct access into OpenAI platform!

Nothing will also enhance its smartphone user experience in Nothing OS by embedding system-level entry points for ChatGPT services like screenshot sharing and widgets specially tailored to Nothing-style widgets, notes the company. This feature will only be made available for both of its new earbuds.

Preorders of both buds begin today. Nothing says the Earbuds offer superior sound over their predecessors thanks to an upgraded driver system and more space available for battery storage; up to 25% longer battery life can now be found than before (2). An active noise cancelling system adapts itself according to environmental noise while checking for “leakage” between buds and ear canal.

Nothing’s Ear (a) also features noise-canceling advantages, but what really stands out about its design is the colorful yellow colorway – a change from their signature black and white aesthetic.

Both Ear and Ear (a) models are priced affordably at $149 and $99, with shipping commencing April 22.

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