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Introducing One Talk from Verizon

New mobile-first solution sets small & medium businesses up for success by integrating office and mobile devices

One small missed call at the office can mean one giant missed opportunity for your business. One Talk from Verizon is about to change that. Available today at Verizon stores and other Verizon sales channels nationwide, One Talk is the only mobile-first communications solution in the U.S. designed to help small businesses put their customers first, not on hold, wherever their work takes them.

Today, business communications are highly fragmented, requiring dual solutions to operate office and mobile devices, which can leave employees unreachable and customers underserved. One Talk is the first mobile solution that includes business calling features typically only available on traditional desk phones, with flexibility to accommodate the requirements of different types of employees, whether they work in a mobile-only or mobile and fixed environment. With One Talk, business owners and their employees can now move calls seamlessly between their desk and mobile devices at the touch of a button, and even have them ring at the same time, ensuring they stay connected to their customers wherever they are. By making mobile devices and One Talk-capable office phones work together on one Verizon number anywhere in the U.S., One Talk allows businesses to be cost-efficient and buy only what they need to optimize their business today, yet easily expand as they grow.

How One Talk works

Available on Verizon’s nationwide 4G LTE network, One Talk comes equipped with an extensive suite of built-in, customizable features on a wide selection of mobile devices (both Android TM and iOS) and One Talk-capable office, lobby, and conference room phones, allowing businesses to reduce costs by buying only the phones they require, or go entirely mobile if desired. Employees can even use their own personal device, regardless of wireless service provider, and add a One Talk business number to that device alongside their personal number, eliminating the need to carry two separate devices. In addition to essential business communications features, such as conference calling, call hold and call transfer, One Talk provides:

  • Simple to use capabilities such as High Definition (HD) Voice, video calling, Wi-Fi calling and messaging
  • Business productivity features including auto receptionists, hunt groups, and executive assistant line sharing, all of which work uniformly over mobile devices and One Talk-capable desk phones, so that businesses never miss a customer opportunity and can seamlessly collaborate, regardless of location
  • Cost and efficiency benefits through working with one service provider: one bill, one support team and one partner for all mobile and fixed communications
  • A graceful evolution path for established businesses, who can migrate branch or satellite offices to One Talk to simplify their communications, reduce cost and mobilize their business

“One Talk from Verizon is designed for the way people want to work – which is untethered from their desktop in a highly responsive and flexible manner,” said Cindy Whelan, Principal Analyst, Business Network and IT Services at Current Analysis. “This new offering from Verizon unifies business communications elegantly and at scale for the first time. With its smooth office phone and mobile device integration, One Talk even extends the experience to mobile devices offered by other carriers, making it even more compelling.”

Why One Talk is unique

Premise-based solutions available from cable, telecommunications and cloud service providers require customers to buy two solutions – one for wireless and one for wireline. In comparison, One Talk is built on the Verizon Wireless network which natively supports mobile numbers, allowing customers the flexibility to buy only one service to meet both needs. In addition, One Talk is available nationwide, while cable companies are limited by regional geographic footprints and struggle to support out-of-network employees.

“In today’s mobile and digital world, customers expect to interact quickly and easily, and yet 80 percent of business calls go unanswered or are put on hold,” said Mike Lanman, senior vice president of IoT and Enterprise Products at Verizon. “And when it’s your business or your customer, seamless, reliable and personalized experiences matter. That’s why we created One Talk – so that small businesses will never miss a call or an opportunity.”

“We designed One Talk to be flexible, to meet the needs of the 39 million employeesworking in small businesses across the U.S., and to scale to medium businesses as well. Whether they’re a startup or an established business, with One Talk, businesses can now interact with customers on their mobile devices with the same robust functionality of their office phones virtually anywhere and anytime,” Lanman added.

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