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Introducing Galaxy Book2 Business: Samsung’s Newest PC Helps Businesses Tackle Hybrid Work Environments

Galaxy Book2

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced the release of Galaxy Book2 Business, a powerful new PC built on the vPro platform1 and packed with advanced security and productivity features to help businesses conquer the new reality of a hybrid work environment.

“We are in a new era where hybrid working is the norm,” said KC Choi, EVP and Head of Global Mobile B2B Team, MX Business at Samsung Electronics. “Enterprises want to ensure their workforce can be their very best in this new environment, with technology that enables creativity, collaboration, and productivity, while also protecting themselves from ever-increasing cyber threats. Galaxy Book2 Business is a PC designed for this hybrid world, empowering enterprises with defense-grade security, advanced productivity features, and connected Galaxy experiences across devices and operating systems.”

Best-in-Class Security at Every Level

As remote work increased, so did cybersecurity threats. Enterprises focused on protecting employees working from home who can be more vulnerable to cyber risks but have limited access to the security tools and infrastructure available in the office. Galaxy Book2 Business helps secure the new hybrid work environment using Samsung’s defense-grade security technology, Intel Hardware Shield Technology, and secure embedded processor to protect BIOS. Galaxy Book2 Business is also equipped with a Tamper Alert function that detects and tracks malicious attempts to interfere with security-critical data and stop PC attacks before the operating system is infiltrated.

Galaxy Book2 Business is able to stop attempts to compromise its system by establishing a Hardware-based Root of Trust, which validates BIOS and builds a dependable trust chain between the CPU, secure embedded processor, and SPI flash. Should Galaxy Book2 Business become the target of an attack, valuable data is secured with BIOS auto-recovery, which can detect threats during the PC’s boot process and automatically restore the BIOS to a backup copy before corruption strikes.

IT deployment and decentralized device management have never been more important for enterprises of all sizes. Galaxy Book2 Business equips IT, teams, with added layers of protection and best-in-class support designed for today’s hybrid work environments. Galaxy Book2 Business PC built on Intel vPro ensures reliable, multi-level security and an Intel Hardware Shield that protects against hardware and OS attacks and reduces the chances of malware exploiting the OS. By monitoring both BIOS and OS levels, Galaxy Book2 Business helps enterprises evade attacks and keep sensitive data safe. Plus, Microsoft Secured-Core PC (SCPC) protects each device from kernel and firmware attacks, so malicious codes can’t corrupt the system.

Ultimate Productivity In and Out of the Office

Video calls have become routine and Galaxy Book2 Business delivers optimal performance tailor-made for hybrid meetings and work. Whether using video-conferencing apps such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Cisco Webex Meet, Studio Mode2 ensures every online meeting has a crisp, clean, and professional feel. Auto-Framing3 keeps the camera focused on the faces on-screen while Background Effects like blurred background and virtual office settings minimize distractions and enable employees to be the center of attention, even when taking calls from busy locations. Every Galaxy Book2 Business PC automatically filters static and background sounds, so voices come through clearly and every word is heard and understood.

When you’re in and out of back-to-back meetings, typing in your password to log back into your laptop can feel tedious. With Galaxy Book2 Business’ IR Camera, authorized users can log in with facial detection for easy access that saves time. Galaxy Book2 Business is also designed to keep up with rigorous work environments such as excessive altitudes, temperatures, or humidity.

A Galaxy of Flexible, Connected Experiences

To keep up with today’s businesses, Galaxy Book2 Business offers the security solutions and connected power of the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem. Employees can use the Samsung Account Single Sign-On feature, which simplifies the authentication process by requiring credentials to be entered only once. Samsung’s new blockchain-based Private Share4 also gives enterprise customers the safest platform for encrypting and sharing confidential information. Employees can authorize access and set expiration dates for every file they send, so proprietary and privileged information stays classified. And should an employee misplace their Galaxy Book2 Business PC at any point, they can use Samsung’s SmartThings Find5 to search for their Galaxy devices and pinpoint the location of each one.

As part of the Galaxy ecosystem, Galaxy Book2 Business can sync with smartphone apps through Link to Windows6 to send texts and take calls using both devices. The crossover app continuity also enables users to select recently used phone apps and open them up on their Galaxy Book2 Business PC, so they can pick up right where they left off. Samsung has also updated its Quick Share7 feature and merged it with Link Sharing, so users can instantly and easily share work with others from anywhere.

Source: Samsung

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