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Introducing Coca‑Cola Spiced

Coca‑Cola Spiced
  • Coca-Cola introduces Spiced and Spiced Zero Sugar, blending raspberry and warm spices.
  • A Spiced Shop in NYC offers AI-driven sampling and immersive experiences.
  • Actress Storm Reid partners with Coca-Cola for the Spiced Shop launch.
  • Coca-Cola’s accelerated innovation delivers Spiced in record time, emphasizing consumer-centric approaches.

This month marks the debut of Coca-Cola’s first North American addition in over three years, introducing Coca-Cola Spiced and Coca-Cola Spiced Zero Sugar. These beverages feature a sophisticated flavor profile, enhancing the classic Coca-Cola taste with refreshing hints of raspberry and a carefully crafted blend of warm spices. Available in various packaging options, adorned with a sleek, raspberry-inspired design, they are now accessible throughout the United States and Canada.

“We know consumers are more and more willing to experiment with new and unique flavors,” said Sue Lynne Cha, Marketing VP, Coca‑Cola Trademark North America. “Coca‑Cola Spiced is not spicy, but it’s our boldest innovation yet. It’s Coca‑Cola with an unexpected, extraordinary twist.

Coca-Cola unveils The Spiced Shop in New York City, featuring an immersive art installation and AI-driven sampling experience. Collaborating with Emmy-winning actress Storm Reid, the brand brings this unique experience to life at 216 Lafayette in SoHo. The shop will be open to the public on March 1st and 2nd, offering guests the opportunity to express their taste and feelings, creating personalized visual representations of their Coca-Cola Spiced experience. Following this, an eight-week mobile sampling tour will extend the Spiced experience to fans across North America.

“Spiced is about feeling versus telling,” Cha added. “Everyone’s experience is unique, so rather than telling people what it’s like to drink Coca‑Cola Spiced, we want to convey how it feels to connect in a more authentic way.”

Coca‑Cola Spiced demonstrates the company’s accelerated approach to consumer-centric innovation. The brand came to life—from idea to shelf—in record time.

“Product development for us normally takes about 12 months, but this was done in seven weeks,” said Shakir Moin, Chief of Marketing, Coca‑Cola North America.

“We’re disrupting our ways of working to be faster than what the market expects of us. The mindset is that we’re a 137-year-old startup focused on bolder, faster, fewer innovations that delight consumers and create growth for the company.”

Coca-Cola Trademark prioritizes consumer choice by introducing new flavors and limited-time offerings (LTOs). Through the Coke Creations platform, launched in the past two years, they aim to innovate and provide unique products and experiences to fans worldwide, both offline and online. With nine LTOs already under the Coke Creations umbrella, product innovation remains pivotal for Coca-Cola’s growth. While Coca-Cola Spiced joins the permanent lineup in North America, the global Coca-Cola Creations platform continues to unveil limited-edition beverages and experiences inspired by cultural trends.

Source: Coca-Cola

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