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IngeborgMootz – The elderly millionaire

For many the question remains a mystery, how most ordinary people suddenly succeed … But it is most fascinating of all cases, when this happens to a person you least expect it to. Especially when it happens very suddenly and from one’s own ambitions! The story about IngeborgMootzis exactly like that.This millionaire is more than 80 years old, and she achieved her success while on retirement and not having any special knowledge or skills. Amazed? Source of Ingeborg’s wealth – trading. The respected Frau chose this unexpected hobby in her free time, and made the right decision. Her prosperityis a worthy confirmation!  Now Ingeborg is a role model – still, the elder woman earns more than many educated businessmen!

fbsThe heroine of this story was born in 1922 in a small town, Giessen, Germany where she lives to this day. Ingeborg tells, that thoughout her life, all the way from her childhood years she was very poor. In the beginning she suffered deprivation in the family because she was one of many children, and later she lived with a thrifty and un-wealthy husband who forbade her to work. “If you do not allow me to work, I will trade on the stock market!” she told her husband, but he was unyielding. 

However, towards the end of his life, Ingeborg’s husband purchased very valuable papers from a German concert “VEBA”, whose value was forty thousand marks. After the departure of her spouse, Ingeborg found herself in a difficult situation- life without work provided her with a tiny pension to live on. She decided to try out her luck, took the papers and played on the stock market… It was a fateful decision. The elder woman is now worth at least two million Euros!

The story of her enrichment is amazing. This talented woman gradually increased her wealth… The first transaction was 100% successful, just as many that followed. Ingeborg so easily raised her capital, that she was soon able to buy her niece a house. Her strategy is simple, buy low and sell high. That’s the whole secret.

Perhaps the main feature of Ingeborg Mootz – is her unique intuition. Many speculators made ​​fun of the serious elder woman, who did not study at the Faculty of Economics and did not know how to use a computer, but with the look of a professor viewed and considered the market quotes in the local newspaper. However, she surpassed them all! Ingeborg says she always listened to her inner voice, which helped her make the right decisions.

The rich elder admits that she had never been a gambler or greedy – her advice is not to become dependent on money! For many speculators the advice may seem naive, however, the success of Frau Mootz shows the rationality of its approach.

Interest in her persona has been subsiding for years…Just like many amazing people, who sooner or later become writers; Frau Ingeborg wrote her interesting book “Stock Market Detective”. In her book, Ingeborg gives her advice and outlines her trading experience. Armed with only a newspaper and making phone calls, she surpassed all lovers of technology gadgets.

Forex is available for everyone who is at least 18 years of age until the end of days!  Confirmation of this fact is the elderly German, who started trading at 75 years old and made millions! Now, at the age of 83, she continues to accumulate an impressive legacy! Her story – an example to follow. This story of success is determination and confirmation, that anyone can achieve such goals and more!

Would you like to test out your intelligence and intuition, while making millions like Ingeborg? It’s easy – register an account and start building your financial empire!

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