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ING Netherlands adds fingerprint authentication to their mobile app

After introducing hands-free banking with voice recognition in September 2014, ING Netherlands now adds a second biometric feature to its mobile banking app.

Customers are now able to login on the ING mobile banking app with their personal fingerprint. In the next update of the app (expected this summer) the fingerprint will also be used to authorize payments within the app.

Responding to our customers

 Max Mouwen, Director Internet & Mobile ING NL “The smartphone is becoming increasingly important for our customers when doing their banking. Therefore, we continue to innovate and add new features to the app. With the introduction of fingerprint recognition we respond to the feedback of our customers and make mobile banking even more easy. In an industry that revolves around trust, customer recognition and safety are crucial. Biometrics can be of added value.”

ING is the first bank in the Netherlands supporting Apple’s Touch ID in their mobile banking app. The new fingerprint feature can be turned on/off in the settings of the app. When disabled the regular mobile banking code is required. 2.1 million customers use the ING Mobile banking app and together they log on 2.2 to 2.8 million times per day.

Bank of the future

ING Belgium and ING Luxembourg already introduced access to mobile banking with fingerprint recognition in the autumn of 2014 making ING Belgium the first bank to integrate biometrics into its apps. Offering biometric features in products and services is an example of how ING deploys cutting edge technology to help its customers to get a step ahead in life and in business.

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