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Infosys Launches ‘Return to Workplace’ Solutions to Help Enterprises Build Safe, Nurturing and Resilient Workplaces

Infosys (NYSE: INFY), the global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, announced the launch of its enterprise-grade ‘Return to Workplace’ solutions to help clients ensure safety and wellness of their employees as they adapt to new ways of working amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cloud and edge-based solutions offer a comprehensive framework that enables enterprises to implement:

  • Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) screening – Leverages automation and AI on Edge to help enterprises screen their workforce or visitors in real-time for possible infection to isolate them and prevent them from entering the establishment.
  • Contact Tracing – Redefining the contact tracing category using proven technologies like GPS and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to provide completely voluntary and Opt-In basis for building traceability.
  • Mask Compliance / Social Distancing Compliance – Video analytics algorithms to provide alerts when masks are not detected, or the distance between people walking together or gathering at a place is not sufficient. Smart wearables can also be incorporated based on the specific situations.
  • COVID 19 Chatbot – An AI-powered Digital Assistant solution to help answer employee queries related to return to work scenarios
  • Contactless biometrics – Ensures employees and visitors enter workplaces in a safe manner
  • Occupancy and workspace analytics – To help real estate teams track metrics on floor occupancy, density and automate sanitation routines in common areas. Contactless elevator workflows, HVAC refresh cycles and many more solutions towards ongoing workplace wellbeing.

These solutions do not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and use the power of AI, IOTVision Analytics, Edge Computing, 5G, RFID, Biometrics and Gesture controls to reduce the need for human intervention and enable data-driven decision making. The underlying platform ensures ease of maintenance and compliance reporting as required in various geographies.

Nitesh Bansal, SVP and Head- Engineering Services, Infosys, said, “The future of work will demand innovative solutions that enterprises can deploy rapidly, and at scale to ensure safety of their workforce while at the same time nurture collaboration and productivity. We are pleased to launch our ‘Return to Workplace’ offering that is aimed at positively impacting the re-opening of workspaces in a seamless, automated, and systematic manner. We are implementing some of these solutions, starting with EBT checks, across five million sq. ft. of our own office spaces as we prepare for 20,000 Infosys employees to return to their workplaces in a phased manner. We are confident that these solutions will reassure enterprises and employees that their workplaces are safe, collaborative, yet non-intrusive.”

These solutions adhere to data privacy standards and practices with FDA, FCC, ISO, and IEC compliance.

Mukesh Dialani, Program Director of Product Engineering and Operations Technology/Services, IDC, said, “Infosys’ scalable and flexible ‘Return to Workplace’ solution is timely and well thought out. Adhering to data privacy standards and built on a foundation of digital engineering elements including computer vision, edge and AI, it will provide customers with processes and solutions to restart their operations in a safe and resilient manner.”

To know more on how ‘Return to Workplace’ solutions came about, and watch Nitesh Bansal tell the story, click here:

Source: Infosys

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