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Improving Your Essay Writing Skills – How Should You Do It?

Writing Skills

Writing essays is one of the most important tasks for any academic. Therefore, you need to ensure perfection whenever you write an essay.

A good essay is a combination of creativity, coherence, language usage, making a compelling statement and maintaining unity.

Your thesis should be explained and supported by each phrase in the body of your essay. An excellent rule of thumb is to include at least three major supporting arguments when determining how much evidence to present in an academic essay.

In turn, those key supporting arguments need to be supported by pertinent data in the form of facts, statistics, instances, analogies, and observations.

How To Improve Your Essay Writing Skills?

Follow these ten guidelines to improve your essay writing skills—

1.    Read Endlessly

The more you read, the better you feed your mind. Reading helps you reap fresh ideas and analyze your topics better.

Making reading a consistent part of your daily routine will allow you to constantly be exposed to fresh perspectives and writing strategies, which will help you stay inspired for your subsequent writing assignments.

The reality is that reading works best when it becomes a regular routine.

2.    Use Essay Writing Services

You can use an essay writing service for a better understanding and proper training for the activity. When you sign up for these services, you get guidance from professional writers and acclaimed academics.

These services deliver diligent assistance to all academics, from high school to research scholars. You can get help on your thesis and paper presentations.

3.    Strengthen Your Vocabulary

Having a strong vocabulary gives you the space to express yourself better and more easily.

You will run against unfamiliar words as you read increasingly diverse books. Don’t simply brush them off.

Instead, pause and research the definition of every new term.

After using your dictionary to seek new terms, write down each word you learned in a diary. This will group all of your learned terms in a useful area. Make frequent trips back to your diary to review some of the new words you have learned.

4.    Understand How To Build The Structure

The structure is one of the most important factors when you’re trying to write an essay. It not only enhances the quality of your essay but also makes it easier for you to write.

Structure enables you to follow a path, gives you direction and clears away writer’s block.

You can follow the three-act structure in order to create the path for your essay. This technique can divide your essays into the following three parts—

  • The set-up where you establish the promise of your essay.
  • Stating the concern or confrontation.
  • Providing a resolution to solve the concern.

5.    Read Out Loud

When you read out your essay loud, you can hear the tone and point out the apparent problems. This may not be the ultimate solution to remove all issues from an easy.

However, reading your essay loudly can help you realize what parts need further explanation or how to put stress at certain points.

You can also read your essay loud to someone who can give you some expert opinions.

6.    Proofread Before Completion

Proofreading is one of the best steps that you can take to prevent any silly mistakes. It covers your grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and other problems with the tonality.

If you’re writing for a crucial platform, you can have professional proofreaders to help you out. This will ensure flawlessness in your writing and will make it more presentable.

7.    Practice For Perfection

Never get out of touch. That’s one rule about writing that is extremely important and has no second match.

No matter how busy your schedule gets, write at least 200 words every day.

Your regular writing practices do not necessarily have to be related to your subject matter. Journaling is one of the best practices in this field.

Simply write about your daily activities, your day, if anything special happened, the places you visit, etc.

8.    Be Creative

A personal style can change your game. As an academic, you will read thousands of writers and essayists.

However, it is important that you maintain your uniqueness at the end of the day. To do this, creativity is your key.

The key to writing an outstanding creative essay is careful planning. In actuality, the process begins long before you pick up a pencil or sit down at a computer.

It all comes down to allowing your imagination to run wild and unrestrained, but you must still abide by some rules to ensure that you are on the correct route.

9.    Research Well

Nothing will damage your credibility more quickly than not doing your homework, except copying someone else’s work.

In their rush to finish the essay, many authors seek to distort the truth. This might involve carelessly sourcing or crediting sources or accidentally inflating a statistic in a hurry.

This not only gives you a bad reputation with your editor, readers, followers, or thesis approving bodies, but it also makes you appear unprofessional.

10. Cite Cite Cite…

To a scientist, the right attribution of sources may seem obvious, as it certainly should, but far too often, incorrect attribution goes unchallenged.

There is a substantial body of literature on the topics of correct citation, academic integrity, and the possible perils of plagiarism.

When you correctly cite your sources, your readers will have no doubts about your thesis. Additionally, citation makes it simple to utilise active language and keeps journal editors and reviewers from noticing your lack of activity.


Essays that flow well are more likely to receive higher grades than ones that read awkwardly. Investing in your transitions is one technique to assist make your writings fluid.

Transitional words and phrases connect paragraphs and parts to demonstrate how the following paragraph or section relates to the previous one.

Maintain uniformity both in your thoughts and writing when composing an essay.

More importantly, remember that an essay is your creation. However, once you put down your pen, it opens up to the world of criticism and interpretations. So shape it in a way that directs exactly where you want your readers to go.

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