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IKEA and Marimekko Reveal First Pattern and Product of Their Upcoming Collection, BASTUA


IKEA and Marimekko join H22 in Helsingborg, Sweden and Fuorisalone 2022 in Milan to showcase their upcoming collection, BASTUA, and reveal the first pattern of the collection. The print will be seen on the first collaboration product to be released, a playful shower curtain. The product will be exclusively sold in advance in H22 starting 30 May and Milan from 6 June before being released with the rest of the collection in March 2023.

In April, IKEA and Marimekko announced that they are working on a collection based on Nordic sauna culture and its essential elements, set to launch in March 2023. The collection’s name is BASTUA, an expression for sauna in Småland, where IKEA was founded, and a combination of “sauna”, a Finnish word adopted by many languages, and “bastu”, the Swedish word for sauna. On 30 May, the IKEA and Marimekko teams working with the collection are going to H22 in Helsingborg to reveal one of its patterns printed on a product before travelling to Fuorisalone in Milan to share a sneak peek of the collection at the IKEA Festival.

“We are super proud of this collaboration and happy to bring BASTUA to H22 and Fuorisalone to reveal this ’collection’s first pattern and product”, says Henrik Most, Creative Leader at IKEA of Sweden. “The shower curtain is consciously made using recycled polyester and will be exclusively available for visitors. It is a great chance to get a glimpse of BASTUA and a product before the full collection launches next year”, he continues.

The expressive pattern draws inspiration from the distinctively large rhubarb leaves that one can often see growing next to sauna buildings in the Finnish countryside. It is the first pattern of the collection shared with the world, printed on the first product of BASTUA, a shower curtain made of recycled polyester. The shower curtain will be exclusively sold to visitors in H22 in Helsingborg and Fuorisalone in Milan in a limited amount.

“We at Marimekko are really excited about this collaboration, and we are thrilled to be able to share more about our design philosophy, the collaboration inspiration and what’s to come in these two special events. We are looking forward to meeting our communities both in Helsingborg and Milan”, says Rebekka Bay, Creative Director at Marimekko.

IKEA and Marimekko will host several events and panel discussions in Helsingborg and Milan. Henrik Most, Creative Leader, and Mikael Axelsson, at IKEA of Sweden, will be in Helsingborg and Milan. Designer Mikael Axelsson will also be in Milan. From Marimekko’s side, Sami Ruotsalainen, Senior Designer, will be in Helsingborg, Rebekka Bay, Creative Director, will be in the Fuorisalone in Milan and Minna Kemell-Kutvonen, Design Director, Print Design and Home, will attend both Helsingborg and Milan. For more information about IKEA at H22 click here, and here for more information about IKEA at Fuorisalone.

Source: IKEA

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