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IBM Launches Bluemix Garage Method to Speed Cloud Development

Unique development practices integrate IBM Cloud and Design Thinking to rapidly create and scale apps built with cognitive, IoT and more

IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced  the Bluemix Garage Method, a robust set of practices built to help organizations rapidly design, build, deploy and scale innovative cloud applications.

Building off of last week’s opening of a new Bluemix Garage in Nice, France, the launch of these practices further demonstrates IBM’s commitment to fueling a new era of cloud app delivery. IBM now has four Bluemix Garages around the world, including locations in San Francisco, London, Toronto and Nice, creating a bridge between the scale of enterprises and the innovation culture of startups.

As an extension of these hubs, the Bluemix Garage Method incorporates practices and methodologies used in both client engagements and IBM’s own internal transformation to a design-centric company, creating a culture of innovation and agility able to more quickly iterate and pivot in response to the market.

Combining IBM’s Design Thinking approach with the powerful IBM Cloud infrastructure, advanced APIs, open communities and DevOps, the Bluemix Garage Method integrates the learning fostered in the collaborative, creative environments of the Bluemix Garages to help enterprise organizations accelerate all phases of app design, development and delivery: from identification of feature priorities to ideation to deployment and iteration.

Able to be delivered as a digital experience and a library of assets, the Bluemix Garage Method includes specialized tracks for building cloud-native appsmobile design and development, and designing a strategic API plan, and will soon offer expanded content with tracks including:

– Cognitive: Building in cognitive features with Watson APIs to deliver more intelligent, useful apps;
– IoT and Analytics: to efficiently and accurately build and scale data-intensive applications;
– Blockchain: effectively experimenting and applying new Blockchain technologies;

– Hybrid Cloud Adoption: to protect existing investments and data and seamlessly move between systems when building apps.

Additionally, the Garage Method equips developers with shared learning resources – such as videos, case studies and blogs – around IBM’s own transformation with DevOps and Design Thinking, as well as a growing ecosystem of partner-provided content, and integrations with dozens of tools from companies like Datical, Sauce Labs and PagerDuty.

“We’ve used elements of the Garage Method to deliver significant mobile transformations to our clients,” said Stephanie Trunzo, COO and Chief Digital Officer at PointSource LLC, a mobile strategy company. “Design Thinking has been especially effective at helping our clients transform their customer engagement experience – before we start building mobile apps.”

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