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Hyundai Motor Launched First Exclusive Metamobility NFT Collection, ‘Shooting Star’

Metamobility universe
  • As the first automaker to enter the community-based NFT market, Hyundai Motor expanded its NFT community at the fastest pace ever as 100,000 Discord members gathered in a week, selling out every ‘Hyundai x Meta Kongz’ NFT
  • Hyundai Motor to issue 10,000 Ethereum-based Metamobility NFTs on its official website
  • Launch to apply the ‘Reveal’ method by showing a placeholder image first, then revealing the actual ‘Shooting Star’ NFT images later
  • Starting with the ‘Shooting Star’ NFTs sale, Hyundai Motor to create a NFT project within its ‘Metamobility universe’

Hyundai Motor Company will offer its first exclusive Metamobility Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection, ‘Shooting Star,’ through its official NFT website.

The ‘Shooting Star’ collection builds on the momentum created on April 18 when Hyundai Motor announced that it would become the first automaker to build a global NFT community. The buzz generated in the NFT market led to its initial offering, the ‘Hyundai x Meta Kongz’ limited edition NFTs, selling out soon after they were released.

For its NFT community, Hyundai Motor launched dedicated channels on Discord and Twitter as well as an official website that launched on May 2 to form an online community. Hyundai Motor secured 127,000 members on Discord and attracted 86,000 members on Twitter.

Hyundai Motor is operating 24/7 communications channels and hosting various events for its NFT community. Members have been actively participating in the community by posting their own memes and fan art. For the whitelist events, an estimated 0.7 million people gathered to buy Hyundai NFTs.

Hyundai Motor will sell 10,000 official Ethereum-based ‘Shooting Star’ NFTs on its official NFT website. The company selected the Ethereum platform based on its reliability and plans to change its minting system in a sustainable way this year. Pre-sale for whitelist buyers who won the NFT community event hosted by Hyundai Motor, followed by a general sale (please refer to the website for more information).

The sale of an NFT in the form of a shooting star will be followed by the latest film of ‘Hyundai x Meta Kongz,’ which ends with ‘Kongz’ finding a shooting star stuck in a Hyundai Pony windshield wiper. Starting with the sale, Hyundai Motor will create a full-fledged NFT project within the concept of its ‘Metamobility universe.’

Hyundai Motor’s Metamobility NFT applies the ‘Reveal’ method, showing a placeholder image first, and then revealing the actual individual NFT images later. In other words, the 10,000 placeholder ‘Shooting Star’ NFTs will turn into unique Metamobility NFTs in various shapes in late May.

“Starting with our ‘Shooting Star’ NFTs, we are expanding the Hyundai brand experience into the ‘Metamobility universe,’ creating unique opportunities for our NFT community members to join in the fun,” said Thomas Schemera, Hyundai Motor’s Global Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Customer Experience Division. “We plan to launch more unique NFTs based on the ‘Metamobility universe’ concept and introduce more member benefits to expand the community going forward. We welcome everyone to be part of our experimental journey.”

Source: Hyundai Motor

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