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How to Turn Your Dark Basement Into a Light-Filled, Green Oasis with Minimal Resources

How to Turn Your Dark Basement Into a Light-Filled, Green Oasis with Minimal Resources

If you do not find any purposeful use for your basement, many ideas might race through your mind to turn it into something worthwhile. One of the ideas might include something different which is slowly gaining popularity among many house owners.  Turning it into a green oasis is in trend so you really need to know more about it. 

The truth is, you can turn that dark basement into a light-filled greenhouse with beautiful plants just for a calm, serene environment for yourself. Here is how you can finance this project and the equipment that is likely needed to complete it:

Getting finance for converting a basement to a greenhouse

Although this project seems like a foreign idea, think about the meditation-conducive environment that can take place in a green oasis underground. There are no distractions of any kind, just yourself and mother nature spending some time together. Since there is no sunlight, some may argue that it is impossible to replicate an environment like this. You can convert a basement into a greenhouse if you’ve got the right equipment and adequate amounts thereof. This means you have to spend some money on gathering the equipment and setting it up. Where can you get the finance to fund the project and pay it off at a later stage? There are way more finance arrangements that can help you complete the project. You can get a loaner from a friend, or alternatively, choose an online payday loan or a personal loan from a bank, both of which can also do the job.

Payday loan: This is the fastest and easiest way to get finance because there is minimum paperwork needed and the payout is really fast. Approval is granted within minutes if you qualify for the finance. If not, the lender will send a response to you as quickly as possible making it possible for you to apply again with what you had missed in the first round. Easy as it gets. 

Personal loan: Personal loans are also one of the relatively easy finance methods that you can use for converting a basement into a green oasis. Depending on your credit score, you might just get enough to complete the project, especially since this task does not need a large budget.

Loan from friend or family member: A family member or friend could have the funds readily available and asking for a loan from them could be quite straightforward. In most cases, you might get just the amount you need. In the latter case, you can ask another friend or try the mainstream credit methods.

Credit card debt: Having a credit card can also help you greatly in your project. You can buy all the equipment you need if the card has not been maxed out. If the limits are not providing you with the amount you need, try getting a limit extension and the provider may grant it if you fulfil some requirements.

What equipment is needed for this project 

Although you might think a lot of money needs to be thrown into this project, the truth is even the most basic equipment can help you in making it a success. So, what equipment is needed to make this project a success? Here are the basic cornerstones of converting your dark basement into a green oasis:

Racking for the plants

The most important fixtures for this project include racking because of the limited space. If you’d like to have many plants, racking is important and there are no specifications as to which is the perfect one. Whatever works for you can be used when converting your basement into a green oasis. You can either build it yourself, which might be cheaper or purchase a readymade one.

Sufficient light fixtures

Since there is no sun that beams into the basement, getting sufficient light fixtures is paramount. You can get fluorescent light fixtures on each row of the racking you’ve got for the plants. When placing these lighting fixtures, do not place them too near to the plants, especially sensitive ones. Same time, do not place the lighting too far away because it won’t serve its purpose anymore.

Water sprinklers

Again, since the plants are not exposed to the elements outdoors, you need to recreate that environment. Water sprinklers can help recreate the element of rain which helps the plants grow and stay healthy. You can also automate the sprinklers to water the plants at regular intervals without human intervention.

Resilient plants

If you want to have a green oasis that does not need much upkeep, getting resilient plants is quite important. That is because you won’t need to take them out quite often or change the plants for new ones. Instead, they will last as long as possible under the circumstances.

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