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How to safely use a car power inverter?

How to safely use a car power inverter?

Inverters have been garnering a lot of popularity lately, mainly because of their convenience. A car inverter can be used to power a variety of devices in your car by changing the regular 12V DC into a specific alternating current. Thanks to that, you can plug in your laptop or even a TV just like you would into a standard wall socket.

Why do we need a car inverters?

Summer is in full swing and you are likely to be on many long car journeys and trips out of town. What saves us from dreadful boredom during such expeditions are all kinds of electronic devices, such as phones with games and social media applications, tablets for drawing or book readers. However, all these devices need a constant supply of electricity. Fortunately, car manufacturers are coming to the rescue and nowadays, more and more often they equip new cars with USB ports, to which we can connect a flash drive with a library of MP3 files. Unfortunately, such a port does not always have the parameters suitable for charging effectively a phone or tablet. Therefore, we need a more efficient solution. And this is where an inverter comes into play. What is it? How to use it?  But are inverters safe to use? There are plenty of rumours floating around on the internet that will tell you that inverters are dangerous and you should not use them, or that they quickly run down your car battery. Yet, when used properly, you can rest assured that inverters are perfectly safe.

What is a car inverter?

A converter is an accessory whose task is to change the voltage of the current so that it is possible to connect other electronic devices such as telephones or tablets to the car.  It works by converting 12 volts of direct current from the car’s installation into 230 volts of alternating current, which makes it possible to safely connect and use other types of equipment. This type of solution can be useful on the road, when we do not have access to a conventional socket, but we need to charge the phone. The converter can be successfully used both in a car or a camper and in a truck.

How to use the inverter safely?

To ensure the safety of yourself and your equipment when using a car inverter, bear the following points in mind.

Protect your inverter from excessive heat

If you are going to use a power inverter in your car, you need to make sure you’ve got enough space and efficient enough ventilation. Inverters can quickly overheat when they’re not kept cool, but most feature their own fans that turn on when needed – that, however, uses up more electricity.

What’s more, never try using your power inverter for longer periods of time if your car isn’t running. The inverter will still keep on working after you turn off the engine – you’ll use up the charge in your car battery very quickly this way and may be forced to call for road assistance.

Limit yourself to low-power devices

While you might get tempted to power something really demanding with your car power inverter, chances are you might damage your car battery this way. While most probably you won’t immediately ruin it to the ground, it will quickly degrade and lose capacity. To avoid having to buy a new battery, try to limit yourself to low-power devices only.

If you are looking for a high-quality car power inverter, we’ve got just the place. Check out for the best deals on high-quality power inverters, available in a range of powers – from standard 300W all the way to 6000W if you need even more juice.

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