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How to Revamp Your Business Premises’ Exterior: 5 Important Questions to Ask

Business Premises

Homes have something called “curb appeal” to describe how attractive the front lawn may appear to people passing by. Businesses similarly benefit from curb appeal, but not just when the building is being sold.

In fact, the look of your premises could make or break your company.

Why Should You Improve Your Business Premises?

The outside of your building is the first thing your customers, visitors, and other stakeholders will see. If you want to make a good first impression, it’s in your best interest to maintain a clean and appealing exterior, even if your brand has nothing to do with physical security or organization.

Why? A stunning premise can be used to showcase your business branding and prove that you care about attention to detail. Keep in mind that if you own part or the entire exterior, you’ll need to keep it in good condition to prevent further damage to the building and legal repercussions.

5 Questions to Ask When Revamping Your Business Premise

With so many compelling reasons to improve your business’s exterior, it isn’t hard to see why companies will invest millions in their facility. But where should you start?

Let’s take a look.

1. How Will People Access the Premises? Do You Need New Gates?

Depending on the size and location of your business, you may want to install a swinging gate that utilizes modern gate openers. This will allow you to give visitors access to your premises without needing a security guard. Or, you may want a gate for extra security during the night.

If you co-inhabit a building with another business, then you most likely have a reception area. Make sure the employee knows where you’re located and can direct visitors to your door.

2. Are Visitors Able to Locate the Front Door? What About at Night?

Most businesses face the road, making it easy for visitors to find them. However, if your building is behind trees, another building, or it’s tucked away, that can make accessibility difficult. You’ll need to make it simple for new visitors to access your building at all times, especially at night.

Lighting fixtures such as spotlights, globes, floodlights, and streetlights should be pointed at your building. This makes it simple for security cameras to track personnel on the premises.

3. Does the Parking Lot, Garden, and Decking Look Well-Maintained?

Landscaping is a fundamental part of owning a building or business. If the landscaping is in your control, be sure to repair any cracks and holes in the parking lot. Repave it every 2 to 3 years to be safe. If you have a lawn or a garden keep it watered, cut the lawn and prune the hedges.

Any wood decking or fencing should be well-maintained to avoid rot, splinters, and chipped paint. Contact the building’s landlord if you co-inhabit an office and need general repairs.

4. How Old is the Building? Should You Upgrade the Cladding/Brickwork?

Buildings more than 60 years old typically need to be repainted, rebricked, or changed in some way. That’s because the home’s building material has likely degraded and needs to be replaced. It’s common for owners to remove brick entirely, as it’s expensive to redo according to code.

Cladding and woodwork are much cheaper but may need to be repainted to keep the exterior looking fresh. If possible, consider waterproofing the outside to reduce future property damage.

5. Can People Read Your Signage? Is the Marketing Up-to-Date?

Every business has some form of outside signage, either to help visitors locate the building or to show off their marketing. If you recently went through a brand overhaul or your signage is out-of-date, consider printing new signs that look more vibrant and inviting than the last.

If you have windows that face a highway or busy intersection, put some marketing graphics or art on the glass. This will offer some effective and inexpensive advertising for your business.

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