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How to Play Blackjack


Why stay confined to playing physical blackjack games when blackjack online offers a more convenient, rewarding, and fun way to play the game? If you aren’t familiar with playing blackjack online, a gambling brand such as can help you get started.

Blackjack isn’t one of the “get rich hobbies”; it involves commitment and consistency. However, we will be showing you how to play blackjack like a pro. Let’s get started, shall we?

Rules to Play Blackjack Online

The first rule to note when playing blackjack online is that the aim is to get the total number of cards to equal 21. You will be given two cards when the game starts, one facing downwards and the other facing upwards. You are the only one that will be able to look at the facedown card you have. Likewise, you won’t be able to see the facedown card of other players.

You will have to add the total card you have together. Cards like king, queen, and jack have the numerical value of 10. Face cards like ace have a numerical value of two, 11, or 1 depending on the value of the other cards you have.

You will either have to hold, fold or hit when it gets to your turn. You can choose to keep hitting until you bust, or the cards you have add up to 21, or get to a close enough number. If you decide to hit, you will be given another card.

In blackjack, if the total number of cards you have is more than 21, that’s known as a bust. Busting takes you out of the round, and you lose the game. Hence, it would help if you endeavored never to have more than 21 cards at a time.

How to Play Blackjack Online

Now that you know the basic rules of the games, it’s time to learn how to play blackjack online.

First, it’s essential to know if online gambling is legal in your state. Also, make you research to find which online casino features blackjack. A gambling brand like is an excellent site to consider when looking for information on how to play blackjack online.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that you must be of legal age to play blackjack online. The legal age for New Jersey is 21; other states may have theirs, so ensure you check.

Tips For Playing Blackjack Online

The following tips will help you play blackjack like a pro:

  • Hit hard if you have a hand of 11 or less
  • If two players both reach 21, the player with the most card typically wins
  • You should stand if you have a hard 12 against a player with 4 to 6 hard. Otherwise, hit
  • You should stand if you have a hard 13 to 16 against a dealer with 2 to 6. Otherwise, hit
  • Always stand if you have a hard 17 or more
  • Hit if you have a soft 17 or less
  • Stand if you have a soft 18 unless you are against a dealer with 9, 10, or an ace. Hit in this instance.
  • Stand if you have a soft 19 or more

Types Of Blackjack Games

There are different types of blackjack games, and they include:

  • Classic Blackjack

Classic blackjack is the first type of blackjack, and the one most people start with. The rules are the ones we have shared with you; thus, it shouldn’t be difficult to play and win.

  • Multi-hand Blackjack

Multi-hand blackjack has the same basic rules as classic blackjack. However, the difference is that this type of blackjack game involves having multiple hands going at once. This offers the player more chances of winning.

  •  Single Deck Blackjack

The rules are the same as classic blackjack. Usually, dealers play casino blackjack games with about six to nine decks of fifty-two cards without a joker. But in single deck blackjack, players can play with as little as a deck.

  • Blackjack Switch

This involves dealing the cards face-up from six decks. The players usually have two hands, and each hand must have equal bets. In this type of game, the player can only switch the top card (second hand) with other cards but cannot switch the first hand.

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