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How to Make and Sell Your Own Clothing Range

Whether you’ve trained in fashion and clothing design, or you’re just an avid follower of the world of fashion with something you’d like to contribute, getting from concept to final product – and then getting your product sold – can seem a difficult and insurmountable task. But, by taking it in small steps, and setting yourself small goals and objectives, there’s no reason why you couldn’t develop a brand that you regularly sell to customers across the world. In this short article, you’ll learn about these key steps – and how to make them work for you.


Your first step is to design a prototype. First, you’ll get an understanding of what your clothing will look like on paper. You’ll draw out your design, and you’ll calculate the amount of fabric necessary to make the clothing that you desire. This can take as long as a week, or as short as an hour. With your sketches complete, you can start looking for materials. Remember that you can find all kinds of useful materials and sew-on features, such as hook and loop sewing tape at GoldStar Tools, which can help with your initial prototype and your final, finished product.


Now it’s time to settle down and begin making. If you’re trained in the art of creating clothing, then you’ll be able to go right ahead with your task with gusto. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the processes of sewing, stitching and bringing together fabrics, you may need to take a short course at your local college so you can get to grips with the technique. In both cases, once you’ve finished yourproduct, it’s time to put it on, take some photographs, and decide what needs improving. You may need to repeat this process a few times before you perfect the piece that you’re trying to create.

Mass Produce

Now comes the decision as to whether you should continue to make clothing to sell on a home-made, bespoke basis. If this is the case, you may wish to set up an online store or website that shows off yourwares. Alternatively, you couldchoose to send off your designs to a clothing manufacturer to produce. In the latter case, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently make the clothes that you want to sell, and you’ll save on hours upon hours of labor that you could instead direct at selling your new product.


The final step of your clothing creation journey is in selling it to the public. This step is simple and easy and, of course, the most rewarding when you see the cash piling up and the orders continuing to come in. You have a variety of options here, depending on whether you’d like to approach a retailer and sell directly to them as a middle man, or you choose to go it alone by selling on e-commerce platforms that’ll host your products that share them with the world. In whichever case, once you’ve registered your first sale, you’ll have successfully created a clothing brand that consumers admire.

In these four simple steps, you can take an idea for a piece of clothing and make it a reality – making a brand, and some income, as a result.

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