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How To Find Legit Online Casino Games


The online gaming sector is truly diverse and spans lots of markets. People all over the world spend hours every day playing video games. They’re extremely enjoyable and provide the ideal way to pass some time. Games also come in many categories: shooter games, sports games, RPGs and loads more. There’s one category of game that stands out above all else and arguably attracts more players per day: online casino games. 

Casino games offer the brilliance of video games with an extra thrill thrown in for good measure. If you play responsibly, these games can lead to hours of fun. Having said that, you have one major problem with online casino games: too many fakes exist. 

Sadly, scammers have caught wind of how popular these games are, so they create fake versions on fraudulent websites. The worst part is that these fakes are very convincing. If you’re not careful, you’ll spend money on a game and get scammed. 

Nobody deserves this – so here’s how you find legit online casino games: 

Only Join Trusted Casino Sites

Reliable casino sites will stock all the legitimate online casino games. If you visit a site you’ve never heard of, there’s a big risk it could be fraudulent. Find trustworthy non UK casinos accepting UK players and all will be well. How do you know if a site is trustworthy or not? Look for some of these obvious signs: 

  • Boasts a proper gambling licence
  • Has been reviewed by real players
  • Provides a host of online casino games
  • Doesn’t force you to pay using strange payment methods
  • Isn’t blocked by your anti-virus software

You need to do a bit of research whenever an online casino lands in your lap. Google the name of the casino, read as many reviews as possible and keep an eye out for comments mentioning scams or fake games. 

Pick Games From Well-Known Operators

It’s incredibly rare, but some reputable casinos might accidentally offer games from dodgy brands. The odds of this happening are extremely slim – though it’s sensible to know the best casino game brands to understand what you’re looking for. 

If you’re worried about playing bad online casino games, we suggest only picking ones from the following providers: 

  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming
  • Play’N Go
  • Playtech
  • Playson
  • Big Time Gaming
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Yggdrasil
  • Novomatic
  • Evolution Gaming

Other top brands exist, but your money is safe with these ones. It’s usually a good sign when a casino provides games from these brands. After all, a brand is unlikely to let dodgy sites show its games. It would reflect poorly on the software provider if its games were found on bad platforms. 

What should you do if none of these brands is available? We recommend not playing games from other providers – at least, not until you’ve carried out the next tip! 

Search The Name Of The Game Before Playing

Vigilance is key if you wish to find legit online casino games. Even when a site looks great and offers well-known brands, you can’t take things for granted. Look at the games on offer and Google the names. 

Why? This helps you see if the game itself is legit – and it also shows if the brand actually provides the game. Scammers know which casino game developers are the most popular, so they can create fake games and make it seem like a top provider developed them. 

That’s why a quick Google Search can cover your back and prevent big mistakes. Look for the game and see if it’s on the provider’s website. See if it looks the same as the one being offered by the online casino. If everything checks out, you can be confident that you’re playing a legitimate game from a genuine company. 

Play Games For Free

We’ll end with a final tip that’s totally optional, but it will help you find legitimate games. Pick one of the providers listed earlier – say, Microgaming, for example. It’s one of the oldest brands out there and currently holds the World Record for the largest payout ever made in an online slot game. It will let you play all of its games for free. Every top brand does this – they give Demo versions so punters can try the games out without spending money. 

Either head to the brand’s website to find free games or search the brand name and “free games” in Google. You’ll see various online casinos offering free plays; all you’ll need to do is create an account. 

It’s a top option to a) figure out which games are genuine, or b) play casino games without spending money. Some people like the thrill of wagering cash while others just want to experience the fun features associated with these games. 

To wrap it up, you will see lots of fraudulent and fake online casino games out there. With the right ideas – and a patient attitude – you’ll quickly decipher which games are bad and which are legit. 

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