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How To Elevate Your Marketing ROI With Call Tracking

How To Elevate Your Marketing ROI With Call Tracking

Correctly calculating your marketing return on investment (ROI) is a key part of any business’ outlook and a cornerstone of future growth. But you could be missing out on a core avenue of data when it comes to evaluating the outcomes of your marketing strategies at present.

If you can only see how your online leads are generated then it’s impossible to know the true ROI of any individual campaign. Unless you can track the touchpoint from which each customer phone call originates then a large portion of your marketing attribution is missing.

However, there’s a simple solution for this issue and it starts with implementing a call tracking system for your business.

What is call tracking?

It’s as simple as it sounds. Call tracking is a process that enables you to get a complete overview of every call from your customers. By assigning unique phone numbers to different campaigns and touchpoints the software allows you to see exactly which piece of marketing is responsible for each call.

Beyond that, call tracking software gathers a variety of data on each and every customer phone call which can integrate seamlessly with other martech tools you’re already utilising. From speech analytics to a comprehensive history of any given customer journey, this can offer your business a far greater overview of your marketing performance.

And, naturally, this data will have a significant impact on your marketing ROI, boosting it in future campaigns through the use of the insights you gain.

Identify the origin of every lead

Phone calls can prove to be one of the more valuable sources of lead conversion when it comes to your business. It takes a greater degree of commitment to pick up a phone than it does to click on a link or fill out a few fields in an online form, after all.

So, to maximise conversions and the ROI of every marketing campaign, it’s crucial to establish and properly attribute the starting point of each call that comes through to your phones. If you know exactly which tactic prompted a potential lead to dial your number then you know where to concentrate your focus moving forward.

As call tracking software allows you to assign different phone numbers to each campaign or marketing stream you’re running at any given time, you can easily identify what prompted each call. In turn, this shows exactly which tactics are leading to both the most enquiries and the most successful conversions.

Establish the strategies that work best

Once you have properly informed data on the performance of every facet of your marketing strategy you are in a much better position to properly assess their outcomes.

This makes it easier to locate any wasted spend within your marketing budget, allowing your business to cut back by focusing on the things that truly work best. The better you can hone in on what drives customer engagement the less you will end up spending on the avenues that aren’t yielding an appropriate result, streamlining the overall marketing strategy of your business.

If a campaign performs better with offline leads than online this could easily be missed without the support of a proper call tracking system. This could see you losing out on future leads if you mistakenly believe that a strategy is not resonating with potential customers.

If you want to achieve the best results from your marketing activities then you need to know what works well and what doesn’t. Make use of a call tracking service to optimise your marketing strategies today and see the improvement in your ROI year on year.

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