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How Much Clutch Is Enough?

How Much Clutch Is Enough

There’s a lot to consider when you’re reviewing the specs of your new vehicle, and often you’ll find some impressive selections that will get you from Point A to Point B without much issue. Normal operation only subjects the vehicle to relatively minor wear and tear, after all, so custom mods and other fun add-ons are often extraneous.

But that’s not how you get high-performance or optimal off-roading vehicles, and the manufacturer’s clutch is often insufficient when you subject your vehicle to a few custom modifications that really supercharge the performance.

If you’re a real machine head and car enthusiast, off-roading aficionado, or otherwise love getting up close and personal with the hardware of your motor vehicle, then the clutch is bound to be upgraded before too long. You’ll want to get your hands on high-performance clutch kits to really get the most bang for your buck.

What kind of clutch is a suitable replacement? Let’s explore the different types of specialised clutches that will help optimise that vehicle loadout.

Clutch Kits

If a manufacturer-installed piece wears out, you may slide by only replacing one of the major components of the clutch:

  • Flywheel
  • Friction surface
  • Clutch plate
  • Clutch plate springs
  • Pressure plate
  • Diaphragm spring

If you’re a certified grease monkey and know your way around a clutch, it’s your prerogative to replace any worn parts as you see fit. For the rest of us dabbling or still learning the intricacies of this all-essential hardware, your best bet is getting a clutch kit that makes a swap and installation even easier.

Performance Clutch Kits

Everyone’s so caught up with the main parts– the engine, the transmission, heck, even the tyres– but no one keeps a close eye on the clutch or the vital specs that indicate how it will perform. You need a quality clutch to transfer from the engine through to the wheels, resulting in how your car will handle in the first place.

A shoddy manufacturer’s part or the bare bones, bare minimum set-up is not ideal if you’re the type to really require top-notch performance from your vehicle.

If you’re the type to put the pedal to the metal and go for broke, you’ll want to upgrade your manufacturer’s clutch to a high-performance clutch kit instead. Mantic makes an excellent one, which is what makes them one of the industry standards when thinking of performance clutch kits.

4X4 Ultimate Off-road Clutch Kits

A great clutch will dampen engine pulses, so your power delivery is smooth and seamless no matter what conditions you’re up against. For your morning commute, the manufacturer’s clutch is often sufficient, but cruising a paddock or rock crawling off-road demands a heck of a lot more from your vehicle.

If you’re going to keep up in the most treacherous conditions and get that performance where you truly need it, you’ll want to include several customisations on your off-roading vehicle. The most important of these upgrades will be a specialised 4×4 off-road clutch kit which is the ultimate add-on for these rugged and unforgiving conditions.

When you need torque to manage the harshest of conditions and your mission is to go well off the beaten path, you can do no better than an off-road clutch kit. Hands down.

Heavy Duty Clutch Kits

Make way for the undisputed king of heavy-duty clutches.

The heavy-duty clutch kit brings the torque under rough, off-road conditions or when the vehicle is regularly towing heavy loads in uneven, unforgiving environments. Whereas a standard clutch will struggle to meet the hauling demands that your lifestyle requires, a heavy-duty clutch is an essential component to make sure you and your car will keep up with the workload.

With one of these under the hood, you’ll manage torque and improve your vehicle’s performance tenfold. It’s a no-brainer add-on that will guarantee longevity for your vehicle, whether you’re driving day to day to the office or off-roading on a walkabout holiday.

How do I know if I need to upgrade my clutch?

Beyond personal preference, there are many ways to discern if upgrading the clutch kit is the right move for you and your vehicle.

The current one is failing.

This one is a no-brainer. If your vehicle is struggling to keep up with the demands you’re requiring of it, it’s time to make the swap. Slipping gears, burning smells, and issues accelerating are all big indicators that you need a new clutch.

You’ve upgraded the engine or other parts.

Remember– your manufacturer’s clutch is built to meet the demands of the manufacturer’s engine. So, if you upgrade the engine, the exhaust system, or add other custom parts to improve your performance in other ways, the clutch must follow suit to match.

Your performance is poor.

You’re a car aficionado. You wouldn’t even consider customised the loadout if you weren’t. So, think carefully about your car’s current performance. Are you getting the power and performance you need at the most crucial times? Are you able to traverse terrain that is challenging? Do you want to?

If you feel that your vehicle leaves something to be desired, the clutch can offer some improved handling that gives you an edge in the most critical of scenarios.

What to consider when purchasing a new clutch?

There’s a lot to consider when selecting a new clutch. After all, the car comes off the lot with one that often works perfectly fine for normal use and operation. It’s only us enthusiasts that require that extra oomph added in for a real crisp, clean performance, and the ultimate driving experience.

For that reason, you’ll want to first select the type of clutch that you feel best supports your intended use of the vehicle. If you are truly only using it for work purposes and the occasional walkabout, you’re probably fine with something fairly standard or geared to optimise performance.

If the outback is calling and you want to get rough and rugged, off-roading specialised clutch kitchens and other heavy-duty car clutches are ideal for making quick work of the tricky terrain.

You’ll need to ensure the clutch you wish to install works with the model and make of your vehicle, of course. While there’s a lot to consider, you can find guidance and specialists like Clutch Direct to help guide you in the right direction.

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