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How Do Online Scratch Cards Work?


The online casino industry is absolutely booming right now. From poker games to slots, the general public can’t get enough of fun games to pass the day.

The industry is so big that by 2023, it’s expected to bring in revenue of over $90 billion dollars.

With new players every day, and plenty of operators in the market, developers are keen to capitalise. That’s why they are constantly innovating, adding new levels to games and bonuses to entice customers.

Here are some of the reasons for the huge growth in this industry over the past decade:

  • Smartphone use

The technology is now easily accessible on smartphones, and more people can afford smartphones.

  • Safety has improved

Now, online casinos are as safe as bricks and mortar ones. The security, background checks licensing means you are unlikely to come across any dodgy sites.

  • Ease

Now people can simply open an app, it’s easier to play than ever. This has attracted new players who wouldn’t have had access to casinos in a city or town.

  • Variety

There are so many games available now that people can change up when they feel like it.

Online Scratch Cards

What Are Online Scratch Cards?

If you’ve seen scratch cards in real life, then you already know the principle behind the online version, the newest craze to hit online casinos. To play online scratchcards, simply click the panel you want to scratch to reveal the symbol.

It’s usually “Match 3” to win a prize, although there are variances on this. Many of these digital scratch cards are exciting because they have additional features that one in your hand can’t offer.

The similarities between online scratch cards and the ones you purchase in a shop are:

  • No skills required to play.
  • Simple instructions.
  • Random in nature.

The main differences that you might find between digital and normal scratch cards are:

  • Online scratch cards are often available in lower amounts.
  • Online scratch cards are sometimes free.

Developers are using them frequently now to attract players from other platforms and online casinos.

Top Online Scratch Cards

Many people get a thrill from scratch cards as there’s the possibility of an instant win. As this thrill is matched when playing online, but potentially for a lower amount, it’s a win-win situation.

Another benefit that online scratch cards can offer is their high RTP (return-to-player) ratio. If you are a regular purchaser of scratch cards from your local shop, the RTP is expected to be around 92%.

Online, this rises considerably.

The online scratch card games that have the highest RTP are as follows:

1) Merlin’s Millions

With a jackpot of £250,000 and you pay only 20p, this is a wise choice for many. Get into a world of kings and wizards for the chance to win.

2) Pig Wizard

Maybe you fancy pigs that can fly? Simply look for three pig icons to win. This game has an RTP of 95.82%.

3) Wish Upon a Jackpot

If you’re looking for a fairy godmother, you might find her here! Find three matching icons among the orbs to win.

4) Whack-A-Jackpot

The minimum bet here is €0.50, which is considerably less than the silver cards you buy locally. It’s also very satisfying to whack the rats as they appear and possibly win €50,000.

5) Lucky Numbers

With a name like that, it’s bound to attract players looking to win. Scratch three cards, look out for multiplier symbols and win up to £200,000.

How Many People Use Online Scratch Cards?

Although gambling is a regular hobby for over 40 million UK inhabitants, they have many games to choose from. However, scratch cards come only second to the lottery, in terms of people’s favourite games.

Scratch Cards

The lottery is one of the most popular gambling games in the UK.

Now that more online scratch cards are available, they are drawing in the younger generation. Some of the following things attract younger players:

  • The chance to play free.
  • The opportunity to buy in at a lower rate than scratch cards bought over the counter.
  • The rewards, such as extra cash in their online gambling account.

Those who like playing bingo online have also started playing online scratch cards. This is because bingo players:

  • Like the chance of the unknown.
  • Enjoy little hits of dopamine as the symbols are revealed.

Advantages of Online Scratch Cards

Apart from the chance to win money, there are other reasons that players are choosing online scratch cards. These include:

  • Low time commitment

If you don’t want to get involved in a lengthy game, such as poker, just scratch a card or two.

  • Low monetary outlay

Play from 5p, so you can have fun with very little cash.

  • Plenty of themes

Much like slots, there are so many themes to choose from with online scratch cards.

  • Added excitement

The scratch and reveal element gets your adrenalin flowing.

Developers are constantly seeking new ways to attract people to their games. It’s likely that more platforms and online casinos will include online scratch cards as they see how popular they are.

More to Come

The immersive elements of online scratch cards make them a winner over their traditional counterparts. There is more choice online, music and themes and multipliers.

The fact that online scratch cards can now be played on most mobile phones will only increase their popularity.

The next step is virtual reality, where the scratch motion will likely be implemented using a glove. Although that seems quite futuristic now, it’s likely it will be introduced over the next decade.

For online scratch cards, it seems that their growth is only just beginning.

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