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How do I know If my SIM is being tracked?

How do I know If my SIM is being tracked

Our mobile phones can become targets for hackers willing to invade our personal space and steal valuable information about us. Cybercriminals resort to different methods to sneak into our mobile phones. The most popular is installing malware which enables tracking the current location, recording keystrokes or phone conversations, reading messages, or taking screenshots. Mobile telephony has made our life easier and better because we can get in touch with our closest ones at any time and share the most important information without the need to visit them. At the same time, hackers can avail of this opportunity and steal a lot of your personal information like bank account details or addresses while recording phone conversations

The spying methods are developing rapidly leading to great concerns about people’s safety and security in society. Everyone has thought at least once about the likelihood of their phone being hacked and tracked, which sounds really disturbing and worrying. Unfortunately, cybercrime cases amount is increasing nowadays, and the forecasts are rather disappointing. Here you can read how to locate sim card

Although the rise of cybercrime has become one of the major concerns nowadays people should not put up with it, because there are a lot of sure fire ways to find the tell-tale signs and warnings that can point out the possibility of your SIM being tracked. So, if you ever suspected that someone hacked your mobile phone, then this article will be a helpful tool for you to figure things out.

  1. Weird sounds during phone conversations. If you hear a strange noise when talking to someone on the phone, it will probably be a sign of someone eavesdropping on you. In this case, it is advisable to finish the phone call and take all necessary measured to remove the spy app from your smartphone.
  2. Battery life is draining fast. Malicious software installed on your phone needs a lot of energy and resources to perform planned tasks, so you will probably notice that there will be the urge to charge your phone more often. However, people can mistake fast battery draining because of installed malware for just an old and malfunctioning battery. To figure out what is the reason for this problem, change the battery and see whether it made a difference.
  3. Unknown applications in your app list. The installed malware cannot go unnoticed so you can find the icon of the unfamiliar app in your app list. If you detect an application you don’t remember installing, remove it immediately. So it is crucially important to go through your installed apps to get rid of redundant files and programs which can put your safety at risk.
  4. High data usage. Malicious software needs to consume a large amount of cellular data on your smartphone, so it is a telltale sign that something is wrong with your phone. So, try to monitor your monthly data usage to detect possible spikes.
  5. Random smartphone restarts. You may notice that your phone starts to reboot without your actions. This malfunction can be the result of someone accessing your phone without permission.
  6. Slow performance. The disruptions, lagging, and slowing down will be hard not to notice. It happens because of malicious software that uses a lot of energy, resources, and cellular data to send your private data like personal photos, videos, and documents to another server.
  7. Overheating. Your smartphone will overheat even when locked because of malicious application performing in the background. You can check what apps are running in the background in the settings to find out what is the reason for your phone overheating.


So, everyone can become a victim of cybercrime, so it is crucially important to be aware of all risks and know how to fight cyberattacks. This article will help you to explore the most common warnings and signs of your SIM being tracked.

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