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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Online Casino Gaming

Technology has always played a big role in the development of different industries. This is also the case for the gambling sector. One of the revolutionary technologies used in this industry today is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and both online and land casinos and bookies are using this in many ways.

Many online casinos in the USA and around the world are using AI tech not only in the games that casino enthusiasts play but also in many other ways. Here is how the industry is utilizing AI in the most significant ways.

Play Protection and Security

Players and online casinos should always prioritize online safety. The use of AI has been effective for operators to maintain the privacy of their players. SSL encryption is what these online gambling sites use and it is also a type of AI.

Because of this tech, transactions at the majority of online casinos are end-to-end or peer-to-peer. This makes it hard or even impossible for anyone else to gain access to the data of other customers. In this regard, no one can easily get important information like credit cards or bank account details.

Customized Gaming Experience

Do you ever notice that you’re usually shown games that you are likely to play once you start playing around a casino site? This is because online casinos use algorithms that can predict what type of games you’d like to play based on what you already have.

It’s similar to what social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram would do. They tailor-fit the content that you’ll see on your feed based on the content that you consume. In online casinos, AI helps them get to know their customers better by collecting data on their gameplay.

Fair Gameplay

Speaking of gameplay, online casinos and gaming sites always need to make sure that the games they offer are fair and square. Licensed online casinos would get randomly tested for fairness by third-party testers as this is required by jurisdictions that issued their licenses.

AI helps them determine any suspicious activities on the site. AI records the behavioral patterns of the players and if anything happens that AI can’t comprehend, the casino will be alerted. Once they are, they will then look into the possibility that something may be going on.

That said, it could lessen cheating at casino tables. Anyone who tries to alter game results will also be recognized or detected. Typically, people who are proven to have cheated on a casino game will be banned from the casino site.

Customer Support

There are online casinos that promote self-service when it comes to customer support. They have FAQ pages or a Help Center that you can check for common concerns. This is smart and wise on their part because it could lessen the need for live agents who would assist the customers with basic concerns.

As much as possible, these online casinos try to lessen customer engagement with their live representatives because it’s simply efficient. This is why there are also online casinos that let you talk to an AI rep before forwarding you to a live agent.

These AI reps give you answers based on the concerns that you type in. Most of the time, it’s also only for basic concerns. Complicated or complex issues will still have to be handled by a live agent.

Responsible Gambling

Another important role that AI has in online casinos is implementing responsible gambling. Aside from suspicious behaviors at the casino, AI can also check on gambling patterns that are considered too risky or problematic.

Online casinos can then see which customers appear to be spending more than usual or seem to be trying to chase losses. If this is what an AI thinks of your recent gameplays, the casino will then notify you to either take a break or check your recent transactions.

Other online casinos would even automatically refer you to someone who might help you determine if you are already suffering from gambling addiction. If you are, they would also give you details on how to seek help and who you could turn to.


These are just a few ways that online casinos use AI technologies to improve their services. AI is here to stay, and we can expect that we’ll see more of it in the industry. As for now, it’s mainly a good thing because, with all that we mentioned above, AI is being used to protect the customers and enhance their gambling experience.

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