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Amplifying Industrial Efficiency Through Effective Motor Control

Effective motor control

Manufacturing has evolved over the years. Nowadays, it is all about being more reliable, automated, flexible, and scalable. It is no longer enough to simply produce goods–manufacturers have to constantly adapt to stay profitable and satisfy the requirements of end customers.

For medium to large-scale manufacturing industries, given the investment capability, there are multiple innovative solutions to drive connection, power, and control. For small-scale industries electrical automation and control is still on the bottom curve of adoption because of lower investment capability and awareness about affordable control and automation electrical products.

Not long ago a typical small factory floor had equipment and electrical products from a variety of manufacturers and a range of technicians to manually maintain the parameters required for production. Recently in developing economies, due to a government push to drive awareness and support investment for small-scale industries, manufacturers have become growingly aware of a multitude of benefits offered by electrical automation and control.

The demand for greater throughput and efficiency along with awareness of electrical products that can efficiently control and automate basic operating procedures has led to the adoption of a range of innovative products that meet the diverse requirements of manufacturers. The emerging trend is expected to drive robust industrial control and automation infrastructure in a small industry.

Automation solutions over the years have been standardized in many industrial sectors. For packaging, textile, paper, and bottling industries—small-scale manufacturers can gain several advantages through precise control processes made possible by the interaction of motors and drives.

Motors are becoming increasingly compact with ever-growing range of functions. Given the increased workload and intensive operations dependent on the motor, it is important to have a reliable motor drive that can provide optimum speed and control. With the correct motor control speed solution and optimum configuration, manufacturers can achieve high productivity and efficiency.

Food and Beverage Industry

By incorporating dynamic motor solutions into the operations of the food and beverage industry, for instance, businesses can reduce energy consumption during cleaning cycles while also improving operational safety. Not only that, but businesses that invest in these solutions see quick returns in terms of reduced production waste, improved productivity, increased water conservation, and greater energy efficiency. Considering the numerous benefits of dynamic motor control solutions, it’s clear that they’re a smart investment for any small-scale industry.

Textile Industry

The textile industry has a wide range of applications for electric motors, from powering spinning machines to weaving looms to dyeing and finishing equipment. In spinning mills, motor control solutions can help to improve the quality of yarn by ensuring that spinning machines operate with precision and consistency. On the other hand, implementing robust motor control solutions in weaving mills can help reduce fabric defects by controlling the speed and torque of weaving looms. And, in dyeing and finishing mills, motor control solutions can help to improve the quality of dyed and finished fabrics by controlling the temperature and pH of dyeing and finishing baths.

Chemical Industry

Being a process-intensive sector, the chemical industry has a high base production flow that is often managed by pumps operating at a constant speed and there is always a need to control the process flow over time. Relying on traditional methods of controlling the flow such as throttling wastes a lot of energy. Conversely, modern drive and motor technologies offer far more efficient control and monitoring of pump operations and reduce energy consumption. Effective motor drives can help improve the quality of mixed products and reduce waste in mixing applications. And, in conveyor applications, motor drives can help to improve the efficiency of conveyors and reduce downtime by replacing the costs and disruptions associated with the common sources of process leaks.

Pulp and Paper Mills

Disrupting the pulp and paper mill industry for good, efficient drive and motor control technology prove to be a hugely beneficial opportunity to realize increased productivity and energy savings. It not only enables safe operations by eliminating gearboxes, but also reduces the engineering costs and hours needed to install and commission the drive. Thus, the motors and drives perfectly match the process demands, all while minimizing energy losses.

Robust motor control systems offer a rapid return on investment, other than just enhanced efficiency. Regulatory bodies across the globe are also recognizing the pivotal role of motor efficiency in industrial sustainability. Policies promoting energy efficiency standards for motors and motor-driven systems have been enacted in various regions. Initiatives and incentives, like those mentioned in the European Commission’s Industrial Strategy, aim to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in adopting energy-efficient technologies, emphasizing motor control systems to elevate overall productivity.

Compliance with these standards elevates the credibility and competitiveness of small-scale industries in their respective markets, fostering a resilient industrial ecosystem. That said, effective motor control is the fulcrum for optimizing operational efficiency and sustainability in small-scale industries. Embracing these technologies not only drives economic growth but also aligns with global efforts toward greater personnel safety.

About Himel

Himel, an award-winning multinational electrical products brand, with presence in 57 countries, is committed to meet the expanding opportunities in small-medium scale industrial control and automation.

With a footprint in 50+ countries, the brand is an emerging leader in value-engineered electric products for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Himel’s global expertise, state-of-art manufacturing along with multi country network of distribution facilitates easier access to both standard and customised products. The brand offers a range of motor management solutions such as variable frequency drives, contactors, relays, motor circuit breakers, and motor starters; designed to meet both precise and general needs.

Himel Variable Speed Drives can be adapted to several production processes with low to moderate complexity yet high precision needs—offering flexibility in operation and processes that traditional motor solution can no longer satisfy. Download Himel’s Motor Control and Protection brochure here.

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