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Himel is shifting the paradigm through value-based marketing

Himel is shifting the paradigm through

Recent trends appear to make a case for new buzzwords each day. A global brand, Himel, is making consistent strides with value-based marketing, in the competitive landscape of electrical products. To Vibha Thusu, the Global Head of Marketing and Communications – Himel, building a narrative on a decade of successful projects across countries combined with enhanced benefits to partners and consumers is leading to continued traction for the brand.

Everyone is a consumer of electrical products. But in emerging economies, several brands fall short of delivering value in quality or affordability. Himel, an award-winning multinational manufacturer and supplier of value-engineered electrical products brand, takes a more expansive definition of ‘quality’, not just in terms of durability or safety but as a holistic value offered to consumers in terms of reliability and accessibility.

Himel has achieved significant milestones reinforcing the commitment to providing affordable yet safe electrical products. Accoladed with awards, the Most Reliable Electrical Products Brand in Southeast Asia, the Most Reliable Value-Engineered Electrical Products Brand in MENA and Brand Choice Award for Home and Living under MCB category, the brand delivers on a testament to the reliability of products as well as the success achieved through network strength and partner engagements.

With a portfolio of over 22,700 products across power distribution, industrial automation and home electric segments along with operations in over 57 countries, marketing in Himel requires a distinctive approach.“We have a layered value chain with a unique delivery model for each stakeholder. My goal is to develop and promote a compelling value proposition for each of them”, says Vibha Thusu, the Global Head of Marketing and Communications for Himel.

“Our campaigns are rooted in tangible proof points and not in pie-in-the-sky buzzwords. The goal is to build and sustain a brand narrative through value-backed storytelling that fosters credible partnerships, whether it be with a channel, a consultant, or a panel builder”, Ms. Thusu explains the approach to holistically cater to the requirements of different brand consumers.

Himel stands out in its purpose of making high-quality electrical products accessible to people who conventionally didn’t have access earlier. The communications and marketing approach of the brand is centred around the purpose.

“It is not merely about building a compelling story that people buy products for. At Himel, we want each partner and customer to belong to the idea of safe access to electricity. This big idea is Himel’s core. Our aim is to make our purpose understood and co-created by audiences, wherever they are – on their mobiles, in a busy market or an event,” Vibha makes a point for weaving purpose and progress into external communications.

Recently the brand participated in the Middle East Energy exhibition—an international exhibition of Middle East and Africa with 900+ exhibitors in 5 distinct product sectors and 28,000+ attendees, in Dubai, UAE. The brand engaged over 500+ attendees from 23 countries.“Such physical interactions are vital for creating authentic conversations with our customers. Inherently from a basic switch to a variable speed drive, electrical products can be experienced in a context at exhibitions. Events like MEE give us opportunity to share our brand promise showcasing the real behind the scenes products”, Vibha explains.

In MEE, Himel showcased 5 live application demos – Water Pump powered by Variable Speed Drive, Ambient Lighting controlled by Smart Bulb, Earth Leakagetrip by an RCCB, Reactive Power-Compensation Control Cabinet, and Air Circuit Breaker with test kit and a VR game on home electric products.

The brand also launched Managed Channel Partnership Programs for Panel Builders, Original Equipment Manufacturers, and Resellers. Vibha’s key focus has been to empower Himel’s key customers and drive awareness for partnership programs. She elaborates, “We offer growth focussed programs to our key customer personas so that they gain value beyond product. We deliver on our promise to accelerate growth through extending the latest industry knowledge, product trainings, and techno-commercial assistance. Through value-based marketing, we have developed campaigns that put spotlight on how programs work for each customer type. We walk them through the programs USPs, render the value proposition, and line-item each benefit to make it easy to picturise. Together, with our sales and business development teams, we build the laser-focused strategy and execution plan.”

Instead of following an ad-led approach to gain visibility, Himel’s digital presence is distinct, built majorly out of organic engagements. “When it comes to social media, I believe messaging should be an investment into the community building. To animate digital belonging, consumers demand consistency in voice and experience from brands. Himel’s digital content is a mix of utility, engagement, and conversation. Thanks to strategic approaches to community building and audience activation, we could achieve up to 44% organic social community growth,” Vibha puts emphasis on the importance of organic engagement in digital channels.

On International Women’s Day, March 08, 2023, the brand unveiled its campaign—Himel Women that recognizes the persona of the women who multitask and make smart choices at work and at home for their loved ones.

“As a leading provider of quality assured and value engineered electrical products, Himel supports women in easing their decision for home electrical safety. With this campaign we want to celebrate the unseen role of women in constant decision-making,” Vibha said.

On the marketing front, in 2023, Himel will be aiming to elevate the approach to penetrate new markets and engage a wider audience for channel partnership, distribution and retail growth.

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