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Himel is Maximizing Power Distribution Reliability with High-Quality Electrical Products

Access to safe and reliable electricity is a fundamental human need. To meet the growing energy demand of developing infrastructure, over the next 2 decades, emerging economies will have to step up for the fast expansion of power networks. Better electrical products can accelerate this development effectively. For ensuring life and material safety amid rapid change, high-quality of power distribution products is imperative as they play a critical role in distributing electricity efficiently from the power plant to homes and businesses.

Power distribution reliability is a prominent factor in the design of robust electrical infrastructure. Not just the lower cost of maintenance but also the longer life of installation and applications are key to maximizing the performance of the setup. For emerging economies to catch on with front runners, their electrical infrastructure must serve diverse needs of industries, commercial setups and essential services like hospitals and academic institutions. Seemingly obvious but accessing quality-assured electrical products can be challenging to accomplish because of regional certification needs, supply chain bottlenecks and local buying behaviour.

High-quality electrical products can improve the efficiency and reliability of a power distribution network making it more inclusive and development-scale-up-ready. Himel, an award-winning global manufacturer and supplier of value-engineered high-quality electrical products, offers a wide portfolio of power distribution products that are central to safe access to electricity in several projects across 50+ countries. From simple indoor switchgear assemblies to stand-alone outdoor equipment or complex distribution feeders, Himel offers 22,700+ products strong portfolio from Power Distribution and Management, Motor Control and Protection, Industrial Components, and Home Electric categories.

Having been part of numerous successful residential and commercial projects across Southeast Asia, Eastern South Asia, Middle East and Africa and Central Eastern Europe, Himel products have been time proven to minimize risk of electric shock and other electrical hazards. The brand also offers best-in-class medium voltage power distribution products suitable for commercial and industrial applications like powering larger equipment and machinery. Through customized specifications, these products have been ensuring scaling up of electrical infrastructure easier, economic and safer.

Reliability of power distribution is critical for operations continuity, facility safety and is a major performance driver across industrial establishments, especially, for those that are extending or renovating their power distribution framework. Any mid-large scale electrical system requires careful monitoring and control to ensure adherence to compliance, optimum efficiency and personnel safety. A strategically installed monitoring and control system can take care of load type diversity, power consumption schedules, and tolerance for a less-than-ideal power supply.

Optimizing monitoring and control setup goes a long way toward enhancing power reliability, safer operation, compliance adherence and achieving peak performance. Himel’s portfolio with a range of monitoring and control devices such as voltage regulators and meters ensures that the electrical network is functioning optimally. These products have been tested and certified to prevent overloads and short circuits, minimize fire, equipment damage, or personal injury mishap.

Power quality and the reliability of the electrical system are primary concerns for most consumers, from residences to industries. With Himel’s products, reliable and consistent supply of electricity is ensured, and outages or downtime are minimized. Explore Himel’s power distribution, monitoring and control products at

About Himel

Himel is an award-winning global manufacturer and supplier of electric products for Low Voltage Power Distribution, Final Distribution, Power Management, Motor Control and Protection, Industrial Components, and Home Electric offers. With a footprint in 50+ countries—we are leaders in value-engineered electric products for residential, commercial, industrial, and utilities sectors. We value opportunities for all and provide the best combination of affordable and reliable offers to meet the demand for access to safe electricity.

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