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Hassan Shaheen wins West Asian Rugby 2015 Championship

Hassan Shaheen, Software Engineer II – CRM Team at Path Solutions won the West Asian Rugby 2015 Championship, as part of the Lebanese National Team, the Phoenix.

Lebanon won the West Asian Rugby Championship after defeating Iran in the final on 18th April 2015. The successful game was held in Fouad Chehab Stadium in Jounieh, Lebanon.

The Lebanese National Team showed strong performance defeating Jordan 71 – 3 before the final game against Iran. During the final game, the Phoenix fought hard and were able to surpass the Iranian team 27 – 8 to clinch the title.

Congratulations to our colleague Hassan Shaheen who fought hard with the team to nail this achievement!

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Path Solutions is a leading information technology solutions provider offering a broad, deep spectrum of Sharia-compliant integrated solutions and services to clients in the GCC, Middle East, Europe, Africa and South Asia.

Designed to meet the needs of modern Islamic banking, Path Solutions’ turnkey solutions are based on an open, flexible architecture and an established deployment methodology. They have been tested and implemented at some of the world’s most sophisticated Islamic banks, Islamic banking windows as well as conventional banks converting into Islamic banking operations.

Path Solutions’ team of qualified professionals and complimentary solution partners have an unparalleled ability to address regulatory and Sharia compliance requirements at both international and regional levels. Armed with deep industry expertise and field-tested best practices, the company’s team strives to provide the highest quality services to clients all over the world.

Founded in 1992 and building on over 20 years of experience, Path Solutions is well positioned to be the trusted IT partner of forward-thinking Islamic banks willing to capitalize on best-of-breed technologies. The company goes a step beyond traditional software vendors by delivering solutions designed to mitigate Sharia risk, optimize output, minimize costs and which can be easily extended to support geographical and business expansion.

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