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Growing global population, fewer resources threaten future food security

Today, 1 in 6 Americans is hungry. Yet the current food insecurity problem pales in comparison to the challenges of the future. The ability to feed a rapidly growing world population was a focal point of educational programs held in Washington, D.C., this week in conjunction with National Agriculture Day.

To help raise awareness about the role agriculture plays in feeding a growing population, Farmers Feeding the World has developed the HungerU initiative to travel to college campuses across the country. Despite a snowstorm and below freezing temperatures, The HungerU Tour visited the National Mall as part of the National Ag Day celebration.

“The weather can’t stop farmers from working because the world is depending on them for food. And the weather can’t stop us from raising awareness of the global hunger crisis,” said Margie Alsbrook, Director of Operations for the Foundation and HungerU.

The traveling exhibit engages university students nationwide in a conversation about world hunger, raising awareness of this crisis and highlighting the contributions that agriculture makes in fighting hunger.

“In the next 50 years we will need to produce more food for the planet than over the past 10,000 years combined, with fewer resources than before,” said Charlene Finck, president of the nonprofit Farm Journal Foundation. “Our message to the students of America is that no matter what your major is, and no matter what your interests are, we need all of you to be aware of the food security crisis and get involved in the war on hunger.”

Because National Ag Day is focused on increasing awareness of agriculture’s vital role in society, Alsbrook says it’s the perfect partner for HungerU. “We spend every day spreading the word about hunger and engaging students in conversations about food issues and that’s what Ag Day is all about, too. Our mission is to encourage everyone to take action in their communities to meet the growing demand for safe, nutritious and affordable food.”

HungerU Tour hosts use interactive materials and educational games to create a fun, engaging atmosphere for critical thinking and dialogue about the global hunger crisis and to drive students to take action. Visitors are invited to join the thousands who comprise the cutting-edge national advocacy network so they can stay informed about hunger issues and take action to fight global hunger.

The HungerU Spring 2014 tour kicked off at Auburn University and will continue to eight states over the next two months. Supported by DuPont Crop Protection, SFP, HungerU has traveled to 32 colleges and universities since the innovative awareness campaign launched in fall 2012. For more information, see

Focused on increasing public awareness of agriculture’s vital role in society, the Ag Day celebration included events and activities to engage the general public, policymakers, mainstream media, universities, youth and the business community. 

To learn more about the growing hunger issue and the platform to make a difference, visit or become part of the discussion today at #HungerCantWait.

HungerU is a special project of the Farm Journal Foundation’s Farmers Feeding the World effort made possible by support from the Foundation’s sponsors including DuPont. HungerU enlists students to join in the conversation about global hunger issues and the critical role of modern agriculture. The HungerU Tour travels to university campuses, engaging students in the ongoing hunger crisis and empowering them to take action in their communities. For more information, please visit

The Farm Journal Foundation is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to sustaining agriculture’s ability to meet the vital needs of a growing population through education and empowerment. Farmers Feeding the World is a platform dedicated to rallying the agricultural community around the fight against world hunger. The Foundation’s approach includes bringing together their extensive partnerships to elevate the next generation’s understanding of the connection between expanding global nutritional needs and advanced agriculture’s capacity to meet those needs. For more information, please visit


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