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Google Pixel 9 Leaks: Unveiling the Power of the Tensor G4 Chipset

Pixel 9
  • The Google Pixel 9, featuring the new Tensor G4 chipset, scores significantly higher on benchmarks than its predecessors and includes enhanced AI capabilities.
  • Notable design changes include a redesigned camera bump, flat edges, and the introduction of Pixie AI, powered by Google’s Gemini AI.

Google’s next phone, Pixel 9, is getting more and more details. leaks of information about what’s going to be expected from Pixel 9. This most recent Tensor G4 chipset specsheet adds new information in addition to what we’ve accumulated.

The latest chip from the Pixel series is built on the Pixel 8.8’s Tensor G3 chip which gives higher scores in benchmark tests and other tests in comparison to older chips.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration regarding the enhancements and upgrades in the Pixel 9 series, especially due to the fact that AI is to be expected.

Google Pixel 9 Leaks: Tensor G4 Chipset Specs Unveiled

The information about the Google Pixel 9 was leaked by the author of Russian Source (Rotzeked) following the device’s test driven using an AnTuTu benchmark as reported by Android Police. The phone was detected using the most up-to-date Tensor G4 chipset, the popular self-made SoC series that was developed by Google as well as Google which was came out in 2021 along alongside it’s successor, the Pixel 6 and is the primary semiconductor used in the phone line-up.

The regular Pixel 9 version achieved 1.07 million points on the test. The Pixel Pro reached 1.14 million points. The Pixel Pro XL scored the highest number of points. Pro XL scored the most points scoring 1.17 million points.

The report noted that the figures are comparable to Google’s benchmark test of Google’s Pixel 8 of 900,000 and can be attributed to the core ARMv9 technology, which Google used to create its most recent processor.

Is The Pixel 9 better than The Pixel 8 Series?

Tensor G4 has an Cortex A4 3.1GHz featuring 3 Cortex A720 CPU cores 2.6GHz 4. Cortex A520 Cores 1.95GHz and it is believed to have tiny power gain only accessible to Pixel 9. Pixel 9. But, this isn’t the time to define Pixel 9 Pixel 9, as it could improve in the future and will be particularly impressive when launched at the end of this year.

Users can either wait for Pixel 9 to be released Pixel 9 or opt for the cheaper mid-range model. Pixel 8A. Pixel 8A, which was the first model to be made available.

Google’s Pixel 9 leaked

The primary reason is that an entirely new AI agent called Pixie AI which will reveal its capabilities and features for users using this device. According to sources, Gemini AI from Google Gemini AI will power it using a multimodal strategy.

The leaked published earlier this year contains details of what are likely to see in the new style of Pixel 9. Pixel 9 series, one which is going to follow a completely modern design when it comes to comparing with the other Pixel models made through Google.

As per the leaked leaks, it’s expected to redesign the bump at the back of the camera. It does not extend to edge. It is believed for the Pixel 9 will also feature flat edges that eliminate its curving body, however it will feature round corners.

It was also mentioned that it as the first Google phone to come with an AI-powered smartphone. The same leakers have been reporting about Apple’s Apple iPhone 16.

This Pixel’s processor is driven by its exclusive Tensor G4, its next-in-line SoC that will provide driving the current smartphone generation. Although it’s just a couple of minor changes to the device the phone will show its value once users become more engaged, especially in the area of AI capabilities.

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