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Go Green at Treetops Executive Residences

Go Green at Treetops Executive Residences

Looking to satisfy your wanderlust in an eco-friendly way? Experience the finest in eco-luxury living at Treetops Executive Residences, one of the only green serviced apartments in Singapore. Enjoy the tranquillity that comes within five acres of native plants and trees, while being pampered by the wide range of facilities and services available within a stone’s throw away.

Situated in the heart of the city, it is remarkable to know that a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, which is part of the energy efficient Tri-Generation green retrofit system, is commissioned at this serviced apartment to reduce environmental impact. This recovery system has allowed Treetops to drastically slash its energy consumption by 50% as compared to the base year in 2007. Treetops’ commitment and efforts in sustainability are globally recognised as seen in the numerous green awards and accolades achieved by the establishment over the years. The new accreditation as the Best Eco-Living Serviced Apartment Brand Singapore, under the Real Estate category, Global Brands Magazine, is yet another testament of Treetops’ exceptional commitment in striving to deliver beyond just hospitality, but also to create a holistic eco-living experience for all of its guests.

treetopsAt this resort style holiday apartment that prides itself in its dedication to green living, guests are encouraged to “Go Green” by reducing their carbon footprint and caring for their environment. Treetops’ philosophy, Discover Green, harmonises their ethos of warmth, hospitality and healthy living so that their guests can stay in a safe and eco-friendly apartment hotel.

Every alternate Fridays, Treetops staff will be dressed in their green t-shirt and bring attention to inculcate healthy or green living practices into our daily lives. Fruits are also distributed on this “Go Green” day to guests of the serviced apartment. Messages to take the public transportation to work instead of driving to reduce carbon footprints make healthier dietary choices and exercising more regularly are communicated to Treetops’ residents to promote total wellness for the body, mind and soul.

Another important green initiative at the serviced apartment encourages guests to be proactive in recycling waste by depositing them in the recycle bins provided at the backyard as well as the basement car park. Otherwise, all waste are sorted at the Central Bin Centre before final disposal. Some common recyclable items that this apartment hotel recycles are newspapers, carton boxes, aluminium cans, and plastic and glass bottles.

For the lovers of the environment, there is no better place to unwind and feel at one with nature. Treetops Executive Residences Singapore embodies sustainable methods and is committed to supporting ecological consciousness in the hospitality industry.

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