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Global Brands Magazine Interview with Mr. Mamadou Macky Bah – CEO of First Bank Guinea

Mr. Mamadou Macky Bah

Global Brands Magazine was pleased to have the opportunity to interview Mr. Mamadou Macky Bah – CEO of First Bank Guinea.

1. Can you provide an overview of FirstBank Guinea’s journey since its establishment in 2013, particularly following the takeover of IC’Bank?

Firstbank Guinea is the result of a long journey that began with the IC Bank Group. This group was acquired by the Firstbank Group in 2013 and we really started operations in 2014. Over the years, our bank has grown steadily, making us one of the biggest challengers on the market today. As today , we have nine branches across the country, with more than 3,500 firstmonie agents to expand our services across the entire territory. After operating under the name FBNbank since 2013, our bank, like the other subsidiaries of the group has become FirstBank Guinea since 2023.

2. With nine branches and 3 500 agents across the country, how does FirstBank Guinea ensure a consistent and high-quality banking experience for its customers in different regions?

We try through our agents to have a level of requirement relatively similar to what is done in agencies. This is why we often organize training for all agents, going in the direction of using our platforms, but also customer service. We have different managers per zone, who are coordinated directly from the head office.

3. “You first” is highlighted as a key strategy. Could you elaborate on how this customer-centric approach is embedded in the operations and culture of FirstBank Guinée?

The customer-centric approach or “You First” is deeply ingrained in the operations and culture of Firstbank. It starts with the understanding that the customers are the primary reason for the bank’s existence. Therefore, all decisions, strategies, and actions are guided by how they will impact the customers.

In terms of operations, this approach is manifest through personalized services tailored to meet individual customer needs. Also, our products are designed based on insights from customer feedback and market research to solve specific problems customers face. Technology is also leveraged to enhance customer experience via easy-to-use digital platforms for banking transactions such as FirstMobile, USSD, Firstmonie.

In terms of culture, we prioritize employee training on customer service excellence while fostering a work environment where everyone understands and values the importance of putting customers first.

4. What role does social responsibility play in the overall success and growth of FirstBank Guinea, and how do these initiatives contribute to the well-being of the communities served?

Our bank’s commitment to social responsibility typically involves initiatives focused on sustainable development, community outreach, financial literacy education, and supporting local businesses.  As for the last three years, we have bee able to deploy activities in different fields.

  • Sustainable Development: FirstBank incorporates practices that protect the environment such as promoting digital transactions to reduce paper usage. We also educate our staff in that direction.
  • We often contribute to the local communities through donations, volunteer work, and sponsorships for social causes. FirstBank Guinea also partners with local nonprofits and charities to support various initiatives.
  • In a very near future, we will start providing free financial education seminars and workshops for community members, which will help people make informed decisions about their finances.

These initiatives contribute significantly to the overall success and growth of our bank by enhancing its reputation and strengthening its relationship with customers and the wider community.

5. Tell us about the decision-making process behind selecting and implementing CSR projects. How does the bank identify and prioritize initiatives that align with both community needs and the bank’s values?

Our Marketing and Communications department managed all CSR sports beneath Neath the steering of Head office in Lagos. It defines and submits for approval and assess the actions it intends to deploy within side the framework of the CSR activities. These actions are mentioned on the executive management level and key actions are approved. Therefore, the overall execution is handed over  to the M&CC department .

6. With donations to orphanages, support for educational activities, and various community projects, how does FirstBank Guinea ensure that its CSR efforts are sustainable and have a lasting positive impact?

Firstly, we identify the needs of the community we aim to serve through our M&CC department. This involves close collaboration with some key stakeholders, non-profit organizations, orphanages and local authorities to understand what areas need the most attention. We then align our CSR initiatives with these needs to ensure that our efforts are targeted and effective.

Secondly, we ensure sustainability by integrating our CSR efforts into our business strategy. We believe that a sustainable business is one that considers not just profits but also its societal impact. By tying CSR to our overall objectives and goals, we ensure it is an integral part of our operations rather than just an afterthought.

Thirdly, for educational activities specifically, our aim in the future is to focus on capacity building rather than one-time assistance. For instance, instead of just donating books or computers to schools, we would consider support to teachers or fund maybe one day scholarships which have a long-term impact.

Finally, we regularly monitor and evaluate the impact of our initiatives. This will involves collecting data on key performance indicators related to each project – such as the number of children supported, donations or schools renovation, – as well as we will be conducting regular field visits. These assessments will help us understand if our initiatives are making a difference and how they can be improved.

7. Can you provide examples of collaborations or partnerships with local organizations or government bodies in executing CSR projects, and how have these partnerships enhanced the effectiveness of your initiatives?

We have in our database numerous orphanages that we assist in the course of the year. There is likewise a school that we’ve got renovated and that we would really like to hold to maintain. We additionally supplied the Ministry of Security with logistical device to facilitate the regularization of visitors via way of means of our police officers.

8. Looking ahead, how does FirstBank Guinea plan to maintain its leadership in corporate social responsibility and continue to set benchmarks for the industry?

The field of CSR is one wherein we do now no longer experience in opposition with anyone. Our purpose isn’t always to be the most effective brand that helps the community. We might be honoured to look the competition do the equal or maybe better, due to the fact ultimately, we serve the equal communities.

The truth stays that we do now no longer intend to prevent at the way, due to the fact as said earlier, CSR sports are a quintessential part of the general strategy of the FirstBank institution throughout all the markets in which we operate.

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