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GE Unveils GuardEon* — A Global Circuit Breaker Platform Built for the Digital Industrial Era

  • Rugged Design and Advanced Safety Features Suited for Tough, Industrial Applications
  • Optional Features Such as Remote Monitoring and Data Analytics Enable Predictive Maintenance, Increased Uptime
  • Global, Flexible Platform Enables Smart Asset Usage with Common Components and Interchangeable Accessories

GE’s Industrial Solutions business (NYSE: GE) introduced its new GuardEon* molded-case circuit breaker (MCCB) at Hannover Messe, the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology. From its smart, secure and reliable operation to the way it’s manufactured, GuardEon is a global breaker platform built for the digital industrial era.

“GE’s industrial customers operate in some of the most demanding environments — from an offshore oil rig in the North Sea to a remote mining site in the Chilean Andes and beyond — where operational reliability and safety are non-negotiable,” explained Ruth Gratzke, global product line leader for circuit breakers, GE’s Industrial Solutions business. “Our customers look to us to help see around corners and offer solutions for both current and future challenges. With features like advanced safety protection and on-board diagnostics, GuardEon is a critical element of a reliable power system that helps protect people, equipment and uptime.”

Designed for tough, real-world applications, GuardEon offers:

  • A flexible, global platform: GuardEon offers a single, global platform to serve customers across industries and geographies — no matter the application. The breaker family consists of four frame sizes featuring common components, interchangeable accessories and flexible options for field customization to meet changing electrical needs. GuardEon, along with GE’s EntelliGuard* air circuit breakers, ArcWatch*technology and trip unit toolkit software, represents a key building block of a modern, integrated low-voltage distribution system.
  • A robust, user-friendly design: GE engaged more than 100 customers across 17 countries over a two-year development period from initial design to reviews of prototypes as part of an ongoing iterative design process. Many of GuardEon’s simple yet smart enhancements are a result of direct customer feedback, including its rotating faceplate, ergonomic rotary handle and its streamlined design with fewer internal parts than GE’s previous MCCBs. Through the GE Store, the GuardEon development team was able to draw from the company’s experience in the oil and gas, mining, marine, data center and other industrial segments to make informed design decisions and improve functionality for its customers.
  • Predictive maintenance capabilities: A breaker’s trip unit serves as its brain, and GE designed GuardEon so it could shine at the head of its class. GuardEon’s brain, the PremEon* trip unit, is offered in a standard version, PremEon S, or advanced version, PremEon G. Customers who select GuardEon with PremEon G will be able to monitor the breaker’s mechanical and electrical health. This is critical in industrial applications where unplanned downtime can derail an otherwise successful operation. GuardEon collects and analyzes performance data to help customers diagnose problems before they occur and make better-informed decisions about maintenance, which can improve productivity and uptime. GuardEon also allows for remote monitoring and testing from a safer distance — outside the arc flash zone.
  • Advanced safety protection: GuardEon is ArcWatch-enabled to help protect people and equipment. ArcWatch provides a system solution for simultaneous uptime and protection across connected equipment. This is particularly important for mission-critical industries where customers need a “no-compromises” approach to reliability and safety.

“With GuardEon, we challenged ourselves to transform our approach to product development — from initial design to manufacturing to distribution — and to try new processes to deliver a truly differentiated platform for our industrial customers,” said Stephanie Mains, CEO of GE’s Industrial Solutions business. “By using GE’s FastWorks accelerated development process, for example, we engaged customers at every stage while bringing GuardEon to market in about half the time of a similar product launch. We also made significant investments in the facilities where GuardEon was developed as well as where it will be manufactured.”

GuardEon was developed and tested in GE’s circuit breaker start-up lab in Plainville, Connecticut. The space consists of two labs — the NPI (New Product Introduction) Accelerator Lab and the Advanced Manufacturing Lab — where GuardEon was designed and its manufacturing process was developed, respectively. By co-locating the design and manufacturing teams, GE enhanced design-for-manufacturability at the earliest stages of GuardEon’s development.

The new circuit breakers will be manufactured at one of GE Energy Connections’ brilliant factories utilizing methods such as automated, robotic assembly to reduce manufacturing lead times and ensure product reliability.

To learn more about GuardEon, stop by GE’s booth at Hannover Messe located in Hall 12, Booth #D80. Click here to be contacted by a sales representative or visit

GE’s Industrial Solutions business, part of GE Energy Connections, empowers smarter business operations by connecting equipment, software and services to protect, control and optimize assets within electrical infrastructures. The business provides customers, across various industries, with end-to-end product and service solutions that help ensure the reliability and protection of their electrical infrastructure. Industrial Solutions’ product and service solutions add to GE’s broader portfolio of leading technology solutions for the delivery, management, conversion and optimization of electrical power for customers across multiple energy-intensive industries.

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GE (NYSE: GE) is the world’s Digital Industrial Company, transforming industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive and predictive. GE is organized around a global exchange of knowledge, the “GE Store,” through which each business shares and accesses the same technology, markets, structure and intellect. Each invention further fuels innovation and application across our industrial sectors. With people, services, technology and scale, GE delivers better outcomes for customers by speaking the language of industry.

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GE Energy Connections designs and deploys industry-leading technologies that turn the world on. We transport, convert, automate and optimize energy to ensure we provide safe, efficient and reliable electrical power. Uniting all the resources and scale of the world’s first digital industrial company, we connect brilliant machines, grids, and systems to power utility, oil & gas, marine, mining and renewables customers, that keep our world running.

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